Reconstructing ancient patterns of diversity of brown trout populations in southwestern France

INRAE, French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, St. Pee sur Nivelle, France
ECOBIOP UMR INRAE in Saint Pée sur Nivelle, France
Job Category
Graduate Assistantships
1500 Euros per month (approx. $1700/mo)
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We seek a Ph.D. student with interest in reconstructing biodiversity patterns among populations of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) for which many bone remains are found in archeologic sites in France. The research questions are around how both genetic and phenotypic diversity were affected during the Pleistocene Holocene transition, and how this diversity was expressed during the expansion and contraction of the species to and from the Iberian glacial refugia. Our plan is to apply for an EDENE grant (providing 70% of the grant) and for an internal grant to complete. EDENE (European doctoral program in Energy and Environment) is a program sponsored by the European Marie Curie COFUND program. The doctoral student submits the project, with the help of the supervisors, see We have already secured part of the ancient samples and we will be working closely with archeologists and paleo-ichthyologists at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. We are looking for a candidate to apply with us for a research grant. The student should have a strong interest in the topic, with an aptitude to write an application of 4 pages with us. A Master’s or equivalent in biology and/or ecology is required; experience with molecular techniques or sclerochronology are optional but highly desirable. The position will be located within ECOBIOP UMR INRAE in Saint Pée sur Nivelle France and the salary is approximately 1500 euros (approx. $1700) per month, in an affordable city in Basque/Pyrenees country. Knowledge of French is helpful but not a requirement. Deadline : 30/01/2022 If interested, please contact ASAP Françoise Daverat ( or or Joëlle Chat (
Master's degree in biology or ecology; ability to write proposals. Background in molecular techniques and/or sclerochronology are a plus. Interest in paleo-historical ecology and willingness to live in southwestern France.
Contact Person
Dr. Françoise Daverat
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