Regional Environmental Coordinator – Project Position (Wisconsin Rapids or Rhinelander, Wisconsin)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Wisconsin Rapids or Rhinelander, Wisconsin
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Full time Positions
$40,560 - $50,107, plus excellent benefits
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This position functions as an Environmental Analysis & Review Specialist (EARS) located in the North Central Region (NCR).This position will be responsible for supporting and assisting with the review of projects and workload; advising and guiding regional staff on environmental policies, rules, regulations and guidelines for all environmental related issues; oversight of regional liaison activities with other divisions; and coordination of compliance and conflict resolution with regard to interagency cooperative agreements. This position will also assist in coordinating historical and archaeological processes, Native American resources, environmental justice, environmental documents, 4f/6f documents, and interagency agreements. This position also assists in environmental processes and issues related to wetland identification and banking, endangered species, 401 and 404 permits, hazardous materials and emergency coordination, and hazardous materials contamination. In addition, this position will assist in coordinating representation of the region on environmental committees, forums, and groups. This position will also assist statewide bureaus, as appropriate, in developing and delivering training and guidance necessary to ensure that regional staff is trained in environmental activities and processes. This position will facilitate and promote a cohesive team relationship between regional staff and the statewide bureaus. Telework 3 days a week! Almost 4 week of vacation leave a month and great health benefits. This project position is approved for 24 months (May 2024) and may be renewed for an additional 24 months. After successful completion of the 12 month probationary period (if applicable), employees in these positions will attain permanent status and will be eligible to transfer to other permanent positions similar to other permanent employees in state service. This allows employees to be considered for other similar positions when the project position approaches its expiration date of 24 or 48 months. There may be opportunity for this position to roll into a permanent position.
Qualified applicants will have experience with all the following: Reading and/or understanding environmental laws, rules, policies and/or procedures Analyzing, evaluating, or documenting environmental areas of concern (wetlands, hazardous materials, archaeological and historical investigations, threatened and endangered species, natural systems, etc.) Working as a member of a team – which may include project or committee work In addition to having all the above, well qualified applicants will have experience with one or more of the following: Reading and interpreting highway plans, maps, and exhibits Preparing environmental documents in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Wisconsin Environmental Policy Acts (WEPA) regulations Preparing and/or analyzing environmental documents for accuracy Communicating technical information with internal and external stakeholders
Contact Person
Allie Strullmyer
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