Remote Sensing Internship: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Tech Research Institute
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Our mission is to provide real-world experience for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in a research institute that addresses advanced technology to sense and understand natural and human-made environments. Internships work on real projects with experienced scientists and learn how to use their talents in a team environment. Tasks are varied and include field data collection, image processing, programming, data analysis, contributing to reports, and presenting results to colleagues. Opportunities to learn more about various scientific and technical disciplines include work with MTRI sponsors such as EPA, GLOS, NIH, USGS, USFWS, NASA, US BLM, USDOT, MDOT, and DoD. Compensation for interns is an hourly wage based on schooling and other experience.
The physical sciences group is seeking qualified candidates with the following background/coursework: --Experience with major remote sensing and GIS software, such as ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, eCognition, ESRI ArcGIS, and QGIS --Familiarity with spatial concepts, including the workflow of preparing and analyzing remotely sensed imagery --Skills with editing publications, preparing reports, and cartographic production --Experience with web page creation and editing --Comfortable working within a Windows PC environment and familiar with MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint). Linux experience is helpful --Experience with programming (such as Python, C++, MATLAB) --Familiarity with statistical analysis and statistics software (R, SPSS, JMP) --Currently pursuing or recently received a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with preference to those in environmental/Earth science, electrical or environmental engineering, or computer science.
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Michelle Wienert
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