Reptile Curator Internship (Alligators, Venomous Snakes, other Reptiles): Gator Country Natchitoches, Louisiana

Gator Country Louisiana
Natchitoches, Louisiana
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Free Housing Onsite plus $600 monthly stipend
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
3 to 7 interns selected every 3 months! Start dates open for every month! This internship revolves around creating opportunities for the intern to gain knowledge, training, and experience on a professional level regarding the care, handling, capturing, and transportation of dangerous reptiles along with some other less harmful species. Dangerous reptiles with which the intern will work will include American alligators, other crocodilian species, venomous snakes, non-venomous snakes, and some monitor species. Caring for all of the animals in the park and taking care the park itself will include duties such as feeding animals, cleaning exhibits, giving animals special medical attention as needed, maintenance, janitorial duties, landscaping, working in retail, construction, customer service, and any other task that is part of how a park runs. Experience working with the public and learning about the safety complications which arise when others are present is also a large part of this internship and will include things such as doing educational shows and events, giving private tours, moving animals within the park, and going on nuisance alligator and snake calls.
Applicants must possess or be currently pursuing a degree in animal biology, wildlife management, herpetology, environmental science, zoology, or any other focus involving animals, conservation, or education. We are primarily an educational facility so applicants will be required to present educational shows and private tours for customers on a daily basis. You must be willing to work under undesirable conditions including high heat and humidity, biting and stinging insects, inclement weather, and stressful situations where the applicant will need to think quickly and creatively. Gator Country presents three educational shows per day so applicants must be comfortable with public speaking. Applicants must be in good physical condition and be able to lift a minimum of 80lbs. A valid Driver's License is required and having your own transportation is preferred. Applicants must be able to intern for a Minimum of 3 months to fulfill the internship
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Candice Parfait
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