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Fundación Para La Tierra
Pilar, Ñeembucú, Paraguay
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Get ready for a new adventure and meet new friends from all over the world while boosting your CV with experience in fieldwork, independence, remote living and seeing what Paraguay is really like. Paraguay remains one of the least visited countries in South America yet is also amongst the most friendly, safe and traditional. Paraguay is perfect for an adventurer ready to explore a different world off the beaten track. Para La Tierra is based in the city of Pilar, a beautiful location in the south of Paraguay. Far from the fast pace of modern life, this quaint colonial city is based around the lazy "Arroyo Ñeembucú", a large stream which feeds into the impressive Río Paraguay. Ñeembucu is composed of a mosaic of habitats, including grasslands, marches and humid Chaco. Deep forests lining the rivers and streams running through the area are bursting with wildlife. As with the rest of the country, Ñeembucu is almost completely unstudied and is the only department in the country without a single protected area. You will be able to explore this understudied habitat and see some of the wildlife that Ñeembucú has to offer including howler monkeys, yellow anaconda, capybara, brocket deer and an incredible variety of waterbirds. Para La Tierra volunteers can join in any one of our many projects, some of which are listed at Perhaps you would like to learn about the species of Ñeembucú, gain some research experience or just explore what the city has to offer. Maybe you want to practice your Spanish and help with our Ecoleadership for Sustainable Development activities or join our Primate Team and learn about the unusual urban howler monkeys that live inside in the city. With lots of options you can try a bit of everything and see what it's like to be a part of a conservation organisation. If you’re interested in taking on some more responsibility and learning at the same time, you could try designing your own scientific project, and attend some of our science workshops. We encourage Para La Tierra volunteers to publish the results of their work and offer all the assistance necessary to those that wish to do so. For many volunteers the opportunity to see their name in print is something that is extremely appealing. You will be credited in any publication that uses data that you helped to gather. We need your help to find out more about this disappearing habitat, and by volunteering with Para La Tierra you’ll be directly contributing to the conservation of the reserve. Volunteers with a knack for photography are always welcome, we are always looking to boost the photographic database of the reserves flora and fauna. In the interests of making data accessible and open to all we collaborate with online database projects such as the image gallery. Up for it!? Costs - $975 per month for the 1st 2 months, $925 for each subsequent month. There is a 25% discount for South American nationals. This price includes all of your living costs during your stay with us. The meeting point is the bus terminal in Pilar. You’ll get three meals a day, a bed in shared accommodation with hot showers and access to WiFi. The fee also covers small administrative costs associated with your stay, and a small contribution to Para La Tierra's conservation and education projects. We have already hosted more than 500 volunteers from all over the world who have built lifelong friendships. References from past volunteers are available on request. You can chose your own arrival and departure dates with no minimum stay length and you can apply by sending a CV to About Para La Tierra: Para La Tierra is dedicated to the conservation of fragile habitats in Paraguay through scientific research, community engagement, and environmental education. We are based in the beautiful city of Pilar - The City of Birds - and work across Southern Paraguay, from the expansive Ñeembucú Wetland Complex to the endangered Atlantic Forest. At Para La Tierra, we specialize in training students and graduates in the skills they need to take the next step in their career, either towards higher education or into the job market. Over the past decade, we have hosted over 1,500 interns, each of whom has made a tangible contribution to the conservation of the fragile species and understudied ecosystems of Paraguay. If you’re still studying, or just graduated, we can help you gain valuable experience to help you on your career path. As an intern, you can design your own project, which we will help you to do in advance, based on your own personal research interests and skills. You can choose between conservation biology, community education and museum studies, or get experience in all three. Visit and our social media pages to get an in-depth vision of the intern and volunteer life at Para La Tierra!
So if you're motivated to do something 'Para La Tierra' and make a real contribution to conservation in a little-known corner of South America, then get in touch with Karina Atkinson at No experience necessary, just a willingness to get your hands dirty!
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