Research Aquatic Ecologist

USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station
Rhinelander, WI; Delaware,OH; Columbia, PO; Parson, WV; or others determined by need
Job Category
Research (Researcher)
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Last Date to Apply
We are seeking broadly-trained Research Aquatic Ecologists. The scientist(s) will take a systems approach to understanding aquatic (including riparian and floodplain) habitats, ecosystem processes, and species across the rural to urban gradient. The successful candidate(s) will develop a research program to understand how sociological and ecological factors interact to affect patterns, processes, and functions of aquatic ecosystems within heterogeneous landscapes. A particular emphasis for the Landscape Ecology research unit will be developing research related to the effects of environmental heterogeneity on fish and aquatic species distribution and abundance, including leverage of genetic approaches (e.g., environmental DNA, population genomics). Areas of study for additional positions include the impacts of extreme heat and precipitation on aquatic and riparian ecosystems in the context of a warmer, wetter climate.
Must have conferred PhD by time of hiring. If you are interested in the position, please email Dr. Deahn You will receive a link to the position once it is posted on Successful applicants will have demonstrated ability completing the entire cycle of scientific research, including publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Demonstrated experience with simulation, Bayesian modeling is desired for the Landscape Ecology unit. We are looking for scientists that thrive in a collaborative environment, work across diverse partnerships and perspectives, and are committed to the highest standards of science excellence and integrity.
Contact Person
Dr. Deahn DonnerWright
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