Research Associate (Brown Treesnake), Guam

Research Corporation of the University of Guam (contracted to USDA National Wildlife Research Center)
Barrigada, Guam
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Step 1, $14.94 – Step 10, $20.51 per hour
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The Research Associate will support a small team conducting applied research to reduce the negative impacts of invasive Brown Treesnakes on Guam and prevent their spread to other islands. Work will also include research to inform eradication of a newly discovered population of Brown Treesnakes on the island of Cocos, south of Guam. Studies will include: evaluating reduction of Brown Treesnake abundance within an enclosure undergoing aerial toxic baiting; evaluating alternative aerially-delivered baits; estimating predation threat from reduced Brown Treesnake populations; testing Brown Treesnake control tools in urban environments; and testing artificial Brown Treesnake baits. • Duties will include a high proportion of field work in any terrestrial habitat type in Guam and Cocos Island. The Research Associate should be able to hike moderate distances and work long hours under harsh tropical forest conditions and on rugged terrain. • The Research Associate may be assigned a role as coordinator for a particular study, and may be required to manage work assignments and ensure the quality of work of other research personnel. • The general work schedule will be normal working hours Monday to Friday, though some study phases will require pre-scheduled work on evenings and weekends; flexibility is a must. • The Research Associate must have a valid driver’s license and be able to pass a background check and obtain access to U.S. military base facilities. • The duty station will be the USDA Wildlife Services Guam State Office in Barrigada, Guam. The position will begin in April 01, 2021 and ends in December 14, 2021, based on availability of funds with possibility of extension should additional funds become available. The Research Corporation of the University of Guam complies with Public Law 24-109 in reference to the provisions and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Assistance in EEO/ ADA matters and inquiries concerning the application of Title IX and its implementing regulations may be referred to the University's Director, EEO and Title IX/ ADA Coordinator, located at the EEO/ ADA and Title IX Office, Dorm II, Iya Hami Hall, Room 104, Telephone No. (671) 735-2244; TTY (671) 735-2243; or to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).
Minimum Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree in biology, ecology, zoology, natural resources management, conservation or related field; • One (1) year of work experience or combination of college credits, technical training and/or substantial professional level work experience; • Must have a valid driver’s license Preferred Qualifications: • Enthusiasm for science, nature, and the outdoors; • Experience with field data collection, data entry and proofing, and data summarization; • Experience with standard wildlife research techniques such as radio telemetry, infrared cameras, trapping, visual surveys, etc.; • Experience with capture and handling of small animals, particularly snakes and rodents; • General knowledge of the geography and habitats of Guam; • Good writing skills and the ability to prepare drafts of technical reports; • Experience coordinating field activities for scientific inquiry, to include occasional assignment of tasks and oversight of work quality of junior personnel;
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1. Applicants must complete the RCUOG online job application at or 2. Email RCUOG application, cover letter, resume and transcripts to
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