Research Associate I (Brown Treesnake Project) – Guam

Research Corporation of the University of Guam
Job Category
Full time Positions
Grade J, Step 1, $14.94 – Step 18, $26.33 per hour
Last Date to Apply
Biologists hired under this announcement will be part of the Brown Treesnake Project under the direction of U.S. Geological Survey scientists. Members of the project conduct high-quality research on biology, control, and containment of the brown treesnake, with the eventual goal of restoring native species. Offices and labs are at the Guam National Wildlife Refuge, Ritidian Point, Guam, and fieldwork is conducted primarily on northern Guam including on military lands, however, some fieldwork takes place in southern Guam and on Cocos Island. Project leaders are based at Guam National Wildlife Refuge and at the USGS Fort Collins Science Center. Duties include: • Conducting surveys for brown treesnakes and other species; • Setting and checking traps and other control tools; • Conducting capture, humane euthanasia, and necropsy of brown treesnakes and other species; • Extensive error-free data collection, data entry, data proofing; • Animal husbandry duties for reptiles, birds, and rodents; • Conducting ecological experiments on various vertebrate species in the lab and in the field; • Other duties as assigned; Incumbents will become members of the Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team and may be required to travel to other Pacific islands on short notice to participate in rapid responses to snake sightings. Field conditions can be challenging, including extended periods of fieldwork in hot and humid conditions including continuing work during rainstorms; traveling over steep/rocky terrain while carrying equipment, exposure to biting/stinging insects, and handling snakes, rodents, and other animals that may bite. Safety is our highest priority and unsafe behaviors will not be tolerated. Split shifts (such as work in morning, no work in the afternoon, then work at night), working the morning after working at night, and weekend work are common. Biologists hired under this announcement may become part of a four-person team camping on the remote islet Cocos Island for 4-10 days at a time. Thus, experience camping, backpacking, and working in remote locations is desirable.
Minimum Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Environmental Science, Zoology, Ecology or related field; • One (1) year experience relevant to the position OR combination of college credits, technical training, and/or substantial professional level of work experience; • Must have a valid driver’s license and passport; • Must be able to pass background checks required for access to government computers and military facilities;
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