Research Coordinator Permanent Position: Gainesville, Florida

University of Florida School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences
Gainesville, Florida
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Full time Positions
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Research and Communications Coordinator for ProForest, a Southeastern network of institutions focused on promoting healthy and productive forests, headquartered at the University of Florida, Gainesville ( The position consists of three main duties: 1) Strategic Development of communications programs and relationship building on behalf of the current and future UF/IFAS programs related to promoting healthy and productive forests. Work closely with a team of UF/IFAS faculty and staff to develop internationally recognized research communication campaigns, promoting relevant faculty member programs and collaborative programs; coordinating extension workshops to stakeholders; and networking across relevant groups. 2) Program Development: work with ProForest members to define ProForest’s mission, design specific, achievable goals and follow a strategic roadmap towards them. Facilitate collaborative prioritization, program planning and execution among UF/IFAS faculty related to forestry. Mediate stakeholder requests for data or cooperation; facilitate the multi-disciplinary, multi-team efforts of UF students, staff, faculty, and others to collect, analyze and communicate forestry-related data, and translate findings to stakeholder groups. 3) Coordinating or leading efforts to secure extramural funding from diverse sources to support the multiple missions of ProForest, e.g., education, outreach and extension, or research. In collaboration with Principal Investigators, assist in seeking funding to support the staff person’s own responsibilities. Other duties as assigned. Other duties will be assigned based on the needs of the unit and in consultation with UF/IFAS faculty and staff working in the area of global threats to forests.
Minimum experience/qualifications: Bachelor's degree in an appropriate area and three years of relevant experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Preferred qualifications: Training and experience (>3 years) in some combination of science, policy, behavior, economics, communications or education related to natural resources. Additional experience working on research or extension programs related to promoting healthy and productive forests, or networking among media, government agencies, or researchers, would be preferred but not required. Start date is negotiable. Contact with additional questions.
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Jason Vogel
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