Research Internship – Amphibian-Tennessee

Memphis Zoo
Memphis, TN
Job Category
This is an unpaid full-time (40 hr/wk) internship. Housing will be provided for the duration of the internship.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Description: The Memphis Zoo Department of Research and Conservation is offering two research assistant positions in behavioral ecology and reproductive physiology. This program offers a unique research experience in conservation, with a chance to work with amphibians both in the lab and in the field (roughly 80% lab work and 20% field work). Interns will gain experience in a variety of field and laboratory techniques, such as visual encounter surveys, hormone induced spermiaiton, sperm assessment, captive breeding, in vitro fertilization, behavioral observations, and morphological characterization. Additionally, interns will have the opportunity to communicate their research to the public through educational outreaches at the Zoo and at professional scientific setting. Project synopsis: Amidst the sixth mass extinction, amphibians are one of the most threatened groups of animals, with more than 30% of amphibians (i.e. over 2000 species) at risk of extinction. One of the ways to safeguard species from extinction risks is to keep them in captive colonies. The ultimate goal of captive colonies, however, is to enhance in situ conservation of the species by releasing captive individuals and increasing or reestablishing natural populations. A critical factor that ultimately determines the success of captive release programs is whether released individuals have the ability to adapt to natural environments. With this in mind, we will be working on research projects that investigate the reproductive biology, behavior, and morphology of amphibians at various life stages (tadpoles, juvenile, and adult frogs) in an array of different treatments.
Qualification: Applicants must have a B.S. or at least three years of college level course work in biology or a related field. Preference will be given to individuals with a strong academic record and a particular interest in ecology and animal behavior. Experience with field studies, laboratory techniques, data analysis, and amphibian biology is preferred, but not required. Interns must have a strong work ethic, a willingness and flexibility to work consecutive days depending on the need of the animals, and the ability to work independently as well as with a team. Materials to submit: Applications must be submitted by January 31, 2018 and should include a (1) letter of interest, (2) CV, (3) unofficial college transcript, and (4) a list of three references. The letter of interest should describe the applicant’s interests and experience related to biology/wildlife with more detail than what is provided in the CV. In addition, please clearly state the earliest possible start date within the letter of interest. If possible, submit these materials as a single PDF file. If recommendation letters are available, they may be emailed separately. All materials should be addressed to Dr. Sinlan Poo and emailed to with the applicant’s last name and “Research Internship” in the subject line. Hiring will begin immediately and positions will remain open until filled. Applications with incomplete materials will not be considered.
Contact Person
Sinlan Poo
Contact eMail
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