Research Internship: Florida

Archbold Biological Station
Venus, Florida
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$245/wk plus lodging
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Start date: August-September 2023; running about 8 months We seek a motivated plant ecologist for an internship position in the Plant Ecology Program of Dr. Aaron David at Archbold Biological Station, located in south-central Florida. Archbold is a not-for-profit biological field station devoted to ecological research, conservation, and education. Archbold’s 20,000-acres of natural areas have outstanding examples of central Florida ecosystems and endemic, imperiled species. We have a staff of about 50 with many visiting scientists, an active seminar program, and a relaxed biological station atmosphere. We also work within an extensive regional network of managed areas, both publicly and privately owned. In the Plant Ecology Program, we study nearly two dozen rare species of endemic plants in endangered Florida scrub and related communities, and have unique, multidecadal demographic datasets coupled with detailed fire records. Our research emphasizes conservation biology, plant demography, plant-microbe interactions, restoration ecology, fire ecology, landscape ecology, and fire management. Our group consists of 3-4 full time scientists together with interns, graduate students, and collaborators, and is a stimulating and enjoyable workplace. Our 8-month internships are ideal preparation for graduate research in ecology. Interns gain research experience by assisting with several laboratory projects and by conducting independent studies that offer experience in every aspect of scientific research, from project choice and experimental design to oral and written presentations. Most of our interns continue on to academic or professional positions, and many have first-authored publications based on their intern projects. Prospective applicants can learn more about Archbold, the Plant Ecology Program, and our internships on our website. Duties include: - Contributing to field data collection, field experiments, data entry, and laboratory work - Leading an independent project (design, implementation, data analysis, and presentation) The Intern will have professional development opportunities including attending scientific seminars, attending local conservation meetings, and participating in prescribed burns.
Candidates should have: - Bachelor’s degree in ecology, biology, or a related field - Willingness to work both as part of a team and independently - Stamina to work in a subtropical climate Ideal candidates will also have a combination of independent research experience, coursework in ecology and botany, field ecology experience, strong grades, statistical and/or GIS skills, and excellent references. We encourage candidates who can demonstrate passion and commitment to learning to apply.
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Aaron David
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