Research Specialist: Fargo, ND

North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND
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PRE ANNOUNCEMENT The new Genomics, Ecology, and Modeling for Conservation Lab (GEM-C Lab; P.I. Dr. Travis Seaborn) in the School of Natural Resource Sciences at North Dakota State University is hiring a research specialist. This is a pre-announcement for the official posting, which will occur in August. The GEM-C lab focuses on using applied ecology methods, such as landscape genetics and niche modeling, to understand conservation challenges facing stakeholders, including state and federal agencies. Of particular interest are the challenges presented by anthropogenic change to the environment, including climate and land use changes and their effects on connectivity, distributions, and local adaptation with an emphasis on the impacts of management strategies. Previous studies have included both aquatic (salmonid) and semi-aquatic (amphibian) species, although future research may include any species of interest to stakeholders. The position is for one year, with renewal up to 3 years based on performance, with additional years possible depending on funding. Under the support of Dr. Seaborn, this position will aim to support the GEM-C lab in a number of ways, including helping to manage the lab, conducting independent research, mentoring students, and supporting stakeholder connections. Activities in the lab will range from genetic wet lab work to in silico ecology modeling across landscapes. Because this is a new lab, preference will be given to applicants who are interested in having academic freedom and a desire to help build a productive and inclusive research environment while doing interdisciplinary research. Applicants with a Ph.D. who would like to have this position treated as a post-doctoral appointment are encouraged to apply. To inquire, please email Dr. Seaborn at before 7/14/2022 Responsibilities: 40% Research: • Be involved with the design and execution of research projects • Help with field work as appropriate • Generate genetic data and prepare samples for genomic data • Analyze data, including the use of command line, python, and/or R • Disseminate results, including publications and presentations • Stakeholder engagement 30%: Lab management: • Maintain equipment • Ordering of materials • Help with overall lab organization • Complete lab projects • Support lab safety and waste protocols 20%: Mentoring • Training of students on wet lab methods • Provide feedback and guidance • Assist students on computational aspects of their projects • Helping with field work planning and design   10%: Other duties as assigned: • Grant writing assistance • Collaboration with other researchers, both inside and outside the university
Minimum of M.S. or B.S. with 2+ years of experience in biology, genetics, ecology, fisheries, wildlife, or related fields. Ph.D. preferred. Basic • Knowledge of conservation biology and applied ecology • Interest in interdisciplinary research • Experience in landscape genetics and/or population genetics, including lab experience • Willingness to learn new skills with training • Desire to mentor and assist with project management • Desire to engage with stakeholders • Experience with the scientific dissemination Preferred • Knowledge about social-ecological systems research • Experience with climate change research • Experience with GIS • Experience mentoring • History of stakeholder engagement • Experience with project and lab management duties (e.g. purchasing) • Experience with landscape genomics
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Dr. Travis Seaborn
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