Research Technician-Alabama

Auburn University
Auburn, AL
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We are hiring a technician to collect and analyze data related to wild pig impacts in forested watersheds in Eastern Alabama. Field work will start in mid-May and end in October. Hours will be approximately 40 hours a week. The technician will collect water and soil samples, measure stream flow and bank erosion, and survey for wild pig rooting activity. The technician will also perform laboratory work such as filtering water, analyzing water for sediment and E.coli, sieving soil, weighing soil, and extracting soil samples. Technician may assist with data analysis and preparation of reports. Field sites are located on a privately-owned tract 45 minutes south of the city of Auburn. Technician will travel to and from the university for field work and will conduct laboratory analysis of samples on campus. Housing is not provided.
Applicants must be willing to work in hot, humid, and physically demanding conditions. Potential hazards include dehydration, intense sun exposure, biting insects, and venomous snakes. Education required: B.S. in science related field. Prior field and laboratory work related to soils and water preferred. Also, familiarity with ATVs and driving a truck and trailer are desirable. Applicants must be eligible to work in the U.S. and have a valid driver’s license. Technician must take training to be certified to work in Auburn University laboratory and drive an Auburn University vehicle. Application: To apply, send resume and contact information for 3 references to Sara Bolds at Use “Technician job” as the subject for the email.
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Sara Bolds
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