Research Technician in Soil Microbial Ecology – Illinois

DePaul University
Chicago, IL
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The Chaudhary Lab is hiring a full-time technician to assist in all aspects of an NSF-funded project entitled, “Linking macroecology and traits to predict mycorrhizal fungal dispersal”. The purpose of the study is to combine trait-based ecology, macroecology, and physical laws to study the long-distance aerial dispersal of AM fungi. Project components involve synthesis work with trait databases, a large continent-scale field experiment, and controlled laboratory biophysics experiments. The project aims to illuminate the role of dispersal in driving continent-scale patterns in microbial biogeography. The research technician will work with the PI set up the field experiment, organize and process lab samples, help manage undergraduate students, and provide additional research activity support.
Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Ecology, Biology or a similar degree is required. Applicants with a Master’s Degree and/or background in field experiments, DNA sequencing, or soil ecological techniques will be preferred. The start date for this position is flexible (earliest March 1, 2020). Interested applicants should email a CV, cover letter, and the names of 3 references to
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Dr. Bala Chaudhary
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