Research Technician (Meredith Long Wildlife Internship Program)/South Texas

Texas A&M University - CKWRI
Kingsville, Texas
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Research Technician I - Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute Texas A&M University - Kingsville The Research Technician I, under general supervision performs entry level, semi-skilled, technical support research work involving performance of routine tasks. The Meredith Long Wildlife Internship Program enables Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute (CKWRI) to hire a wildlife student as a paid intern during the summer and give them a quality learning experience working on a research project with CKWRI scientists and graduate students. *Temporary - 3 month position* Responsibilities: -Collects samples and measurement data from experiments. Implements and maintains data collection and summarization of field trials. -Collects and compiles data. Computes quantitates and extends projections. -Assembles and operates technical equipment. -Performs other duties as assigned. -Assists senior staff members in conducting major field experiments and consults in developing procedures. Additional Responsibilities: -Fawn survival: Intern will investigate cause-specific mortality, and explore drivers of recruitment on working rangelands of South Texas while learning telemetry, fawn capture techniques, collection of biological data on fawns, vegetation sampling, and techniques for mortality investigations to identify the causes of death which could include both field and genetic lab-based approaches. -Thermal ecology of the Texas Tortoise in a patch-burned system: Intern will investigate the effect of patch burns on Texas tortoises in coastal grasslands in South Texas. Studies will involve field work in areas of prescribed fire and monitoring tortoises to determine how they utilize the burned and adjacent unburned areas to regulate body temperature. -Behavioral responses of deer to heat: Intern will learn techniques to measure the heat experienced by white-tailed deer in South Texas and how they respond. Studies will be done with captive deer on the TAMUK campus and with free-ranging deer on ranches in South Texas. -Uses of drones to assess crop damage by wild pigs: Intern will learn how to use drones, apply aerial imagery, and utilize geographic information software to measure crop damage caused by wild pigs. These studies will involve a mix of field and computer lab work. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: -Ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others. Other Requirements: -Ability to lift moderately heavy objects. -Ability to exert heavy force. -Work beyond normal business hours and/or work on weekends. -Must currently be enrolled in a Wildlife, Range or related program at a Texas University or College.
Education and Experience: -High school diploma or equivalent combination of education and experience. -Two years of related experience. Apply at:
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