Restoration Specialist – San Luis Obispo

Land Conservancy of SLO County
San Luis Obispo
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
16.00 per hour
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The Restoration Specialist I position is a seasonal (6-Months, temporary), full time position as a part of The Land Conservancy’s Restoration Team that is an integral part of the on-the-ground implementation of restoration and stewardship projects. Restoration Specialist duties include invasive plant management utilizing herbicide, land stewardship and maintenance, native plantings and landscape maintenance, and other tasks as directed.
Essential Duties of the Job Invasive Plant Management (75%) 1. Restoration work is performed in often strenuous, yet beautiful environments, including sand dunes, stream corridors, and steep-sloped ranchlands. 2. Removal of invasive plants utilizing Herbicide delivered with a backpack or truck sprayer. 3. Manual removal of invasive plants utilizing hand tools, weed whackers and other power equipment. 4. Travel in sensitive environments with special attention to minimizing travel impacts. 5. Native and non-native plant identification. 6. Operation of vehicles and UTV/OHV, following guidelines and procedures currently established 7. Follow organization procedures and protocols. 8. Provide information to Managers, Supervisors, and co-workers by telephone, in written form, e-mail or in-person. 9. Assist in herbicide reporting, field logs, and other data collection. Stewardship (10%) 1. General land management tasks as required by Stewardship Manager 2. Construction and repair of fences. 3. Vegetation management and Erosion Control measures. 4. Maintenance of trail system on the Pismo Preserve. 5. Other duties, as assigned Native Plantings and Maintenance (10%) 1. Planting of native vegetation in restoration sites from seed or starts. 2. Irrigation and maintenance of prior restoration sites. 3. Maintenance of installed Native and Ornamental Landscape. 4. Propagation and care of native plants in nursery setting. 5. Other duties, as assigned Building and Equipment Maintenance (5%) 1. Maintenance of The Land Conservancy's field facilities. 2. Basic Vehicle, Equipment and Tool Maintenance to ensure equipment is functioning in a safe manner to promote effective and efficient field operation. Required Qualifications - Job Skills and Knowledge 1. A commitment to the mission of The Land Conservancy which is to permanently protect and enhance lands having important scenic, agricultural, habitat and cultural values for the benefit of people and wildlife. 2. Willingness to work with and spray herbicide/chemicals on a regular basis. 3. Ability to read and understand warning labels and follow instructions on equipment, restrictions on the use of chemicals, and training documents related to the use of equipment and chemicals. 4. Experience with the use of hand tools such as shovels and hoes, and power tools such as drills and saws. 5. Experience with mechanical equipment – able to safely start, run, and make minor repairs to weed whackers, chain saws, spray rigs, and other related equipment. 6. Experience in the area of plant installation, irrigation and landscape maintenance. 7. Ability to safely drive trucks and OHV’s on rough, narrow, steep, or sandy 4x4 roads. 8. Ability to walk 5 miles per day in the dune environment. This includes walking on soft ground and climbing steep sand dune hillsides with a backpack sprayer and/or other field equipment. 9. The ability to lift 35 lbs. repeatedly as part of daily activities. 10. Minimal susceptibility to allergies that could result from exposure to dust or pollen. 11. No reoccurring injuries that would make it difficult to perform the job functions. Final candidates must undergo a standard physical examination and provide proof of such to The Land Conservancy prior to being hired. Conditional employment offers will be based on successful completion of the pre-employment medical exam.
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Joey Chavez
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