Scientific Outreach Coordinator: Full-time remote

Wild Animal Initiative
Full-time remote
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$48,384.00 to $59,136.00
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Position mission statement: As Wild Animal Initiative’s Scientific Events & Outreach Coordinator, you will lead the development and execution of an outreach program that will help WAI engage a community of scientists and other researchers in the field of wild animal welfare science. You will develop high-quality meetings and outreach opportunities to facilitate engagement and knowledge exchange within the wild animal welfare research community. You will contribute positively to an inclusive work culture. Supervisory responsibilities: None currently, but if you are interested and capable, it is possible that your responsibilities could evolve to include managing other staff as opportunities arise. Core responsibilities: To lead Wild Animal Initiative’s events and outreach program: Program development- -Collaborate with the research team to develop actionable 1-, 3-, and 10-year plans. -Evaluate the value of specific program goals and prepare a roadmap to achieve them. -Identify and evaluate opportunities to make progress on program goals, including opportunities for WAI to attend or host conferences, meetings, workshops, and other events. Events management- -Propose outlines for meetings, sessions, workshops, and other events. -Draft and manage budgets for events and outreach activities. -Identify opportunities to advertise events. -Coordinate our conference session proposal process. -Oversee prospective meeting participants and coordinate review of proposed submissions. -Coordinate between WAI staff, session collaborators, invited participants, event planners, and conference organizers. -Facilitate events that WAI hosts. Seminar/webinar series- -Organize co-hosting of seminars and webinars with academic institutions. -Arrange event speakers. -Prepare required media. -Create and facilitate distribution of seminar and webinar recordings. Outreach communications- -Initiate communications with academics and other researchers on opportunities to collaborate, including development of joint proposals. -Coordinate the distribution of infocards, podcasts, and YouTube channel content. -Respond to public enquiries about our events and outreach program. -Support the development of outreach materials in collaboration with our science, operations, and communications staff.
This role will require you to have the following qualifications. -Ability to thrive in a remote work environment while working effectively as part of a remote team. -Excellent time management and organization skills, and ability to set and meet deadlines. -Experience presenting at academic conferences and meetings. -Ability to coordinate with finance staff to prepare and manage budgets for attending, leading, or hosting sessions, meetings, workshops, conferences, and other events. -Ability to effectively research and evaluate opportunities for outreach and academic meeting development. -Knowledge and understanding of wild animal welfare or related disciplines and ability to apply this knowledge to prepare meeting/session proposals and academic outreach content. -Ability to manage proposal and content development processes performed by others (including leadership) by being proactive about communicating deadlines, monitoring progress, and providing reminders when helpful. -Ability to write clear and concise content for meetings proposals and related outreach materials. -Ability to use, or willingness to learn, Google Drive, Airtable, publishing and design software, and Asana. This role might also benefit from you having some of the following qualifications. Even if you don’t have some or all of these qualifications, you should still apply. -Experience developing, hosting, or coordinating academic events or experience with other aspects of outreach and meetings preparation. -Motivated by a desire to improve the lives of wild animals. -Ability to problem-solve and willingness to find creative solutions, when needed. -Ability to use publishing and design software. -Interested in and capable of managing other staff as opportunities arise. Credentials and experience: Note that we do not require any specific academic credentials or prior work experience for you to be considered for this position, as research shows that such requirements can diminish the quality of candidate pools by deterring from applying individuals who would otherwise be a great fit for a role.
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Emily Sharp
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