Scrub-Jay, Grasshopper Sparrow, and Red-cockaded Woodpecker Field Assistants – Avon Park, FL

Archbold Biological Station
Avon Park, FL
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$12.75 per hour (40 hours/week) plus housing
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SEASONAL FIELD ASSISTANTS (4) needed for monitoring of Florida Scrub-Jays, Florida Grasshopper Sparrows, and Red-cockaded Woodpeckers at the Avon Park Air Force Range in south-central Florida. Each of the three species will have a dedicated assistant and one assistant will split their time between projects. All four assistants will have the opportunity to assist with other projects as needed. These positions are associated with Archbold Biological Station’s Avian Ecology Program, headed by Dr. Reed Bowman. Pay is $12.75 per hour (40 hours/week) plus free off-site shared housing (no pets, no smoking). US citizenship or a US work visa is required. All applicants must have a valid driver’s license and personal vehicle to access off-site housing. Archbold Biological Station is a renowned research facility located in south-central Florida, and has been conducting endangered species monitoring at the Avon Park Air Force Range since 1993. Avon Park Air Force Range is a 106,000-acre military reserve that protects some of the best examples of native habitats in the region. Military training activities occur daily, and our monitoring protocols involve working around these training missions. For more information about our program see our lab website: Archbold Biological Station is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from members of underrepresented groups. GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Science, or a related field • Ability to navigate and work alone in the field • Ability to re-sight color banded birds • Ability to safely and responsibly operate a 4WD vehicle in poor driving conditions (loose sand, mud holes, standing water) • Ability to hike several kilometers over uneven terrain while carrying up to 50 lbs of equipment • Diligence when following protocols and entering data • Willingness to work on an active military base • Willingness to work a non-regular schedule that may include some weekends • Tolerance for biting insects, high humidity, and heat • Good and responsive communication with supervisors, coworkers, and housemates • Willingness to comply with Archbold and Federal Covid-19 prevention guidelines, which includes mandatory vaccination for shared housing and wearing masks in indoor work spaces. Red-cockaded Woodpecker Assistant One assistant needed starting Feb 28, 2022 for approximately five months. Primary duties include identifying birds by reading color bands, monitoring nest attempts using peeper cameras, assisting with nestling bandings, performing cavity maintenance activities (which involves climbing Swedish ladders up to 30 ft. high), and entering and managing data. Competitive applicants will have experience: • Reading color bands • Monitoring bird nests (especially nests of cavity nesting species) • Watching, recording, and interpreting bird behavior • Entering, proofing, and summarizing data in databases Florida Scrub-Jay Assistant One assistant needed starting Feb 14, 2022 for approximately six months. Primary duties include finding and monitoring nests, conducting population census and weekly fledgling re-sightings, assisting with banding and collecting blood samples from nestlings and adults, and entering and managing data. Competitive applicants will have experience • Finding nests using behavior, particularly the nests of open cup nesters • Watching, recording, and interpreting bird behavior • Resighting fledglings • Handling, banding, and bleeding birds • Monitoring bird nests • Entering data in Access Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Assistant One assistant needed starting Feb 28, 2022 for approximately six months. Primary duties include conducting FGSP point count and transect surveys, assisting with mist-netting and banding, reading color bands, locating and monitoring nests, and installing predator exclusion equipment. Competitive applicants will have experience: • Identifying species by sight and sound • Conducting abundance surveys • Working with grassland birds and/or sparrows • Nest-searching for ground nesting birds using behavior cues • Setting up and utilizing mist-nets • Ability to maintain focus during early mornings to detect elusive birds and collect behavioral information on reproductive status Nest Search Specialist One assistant needed starting Feb 14, 2022 for approximately six months. Assistant will focus on Florida Scrub-Jay nest searching in early spring and then transition to Florida Grasshopper Sparrow nest searching as season progresses. This person should be able to carry out the job responsibilities of both projects and will assist on both as needed. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Applicants can apply by filling out the form found here: Applicants will be asked to sign into google, confirm their eligibility, and rate their experience with the general and species-specific qualifications. Applicants will also be asked to upload a cover letter, resume or CV, and contact information for three references as a single pdf titled with the applicant’s surname. This pdf file cannot be larger than 10MB. Applications must be submitted by October 31st and will be reviewed as received. Questions can be directed to Elizabeth Abraham ( or Greg Thompson (
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Dr. Angela Tringali, Greg Thompson, Liz Abraham
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