Sea Turtle, Inc. Field Technician (2019 nesting season)-Texas

Sea Turtle, Inc.
South Padre Island, Texas
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Job Purpose: This position is responsible of assisting the Conservation Coordinator with the seasonal nesting conservation program and internship program under the mission, “To assist with the conservation of all marine turtle species.” Key Responsibilities: 1. Maintain inventory and function of all nesting season supplies including pit tags, metal tags, pit tag scanners, tag applicators, patrol packs, etc. 2. Maintain all field vehicles including trucks and ATVs. 3. Respond to sea turtle nesting activity in a timely manner at irregular hours. Response will consist of driving long distances through a busy and rough beach terrain. 4. Tag and collect morphological data on nesting females. 5. Respond to hatching activity overnight, including excavation, data collection, and release of hatchlings. 6. Record and send nesting and hatching data to appropriate state and federal entities under the discretion of the Conservation Coordinator. 7. Organize and input data into file servers and excel sheets. 8. Maintain all data books and sheets in an orderly and regular manner. 9. Assist in the management of seasonal interns during field and hatchery work. 10. Assist with historical data input and analysis.
Required education and experience: • Bachelor’s degree in biological science, wildlife and fisheries science, environmental science, or other related fields. • Experience in sea turtle nest/track identification, nest relocation, and hatchery management. • Experience working in adverse weather conditions including high winds, direct sunlight, high heat, and humidity. Preferred experience: • Experience in Kemp’s ridley nest/track identification, nest relocation, and hatchery management. *Applicant must be U.S. citizenship or hold proper paperwork to work in the U.S. *Applicant must be must be 18 years of age or older and hold a valid driver license. To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Mariana Devlin, Conservation/Internship Coordinator at
Contact Person
Mariana A. Devlin
Contact Phone
956-761-4511 Ext. 6
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