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Salish Sea Guillemot Network
Western Washington
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Over the course of the past twenty years, volunteers have been devoted to conducting community science research on pigeon guillemots, a burrow-nesting seabird in Washington. They are an understudied species. Our research is focused on filling that knowledge gap by estimating population abundance for this species locally so that natural resource managers know the status of the species. They are also one of the few seabird species that breeds locally and overwinters here. Thus Pigeon Guillemots are considered an indicator species, because they can be used as one of multiple biological proxies for the environmental health of the region. Data collection is focused on documenting the number of birds present at breeding colonies in addition to specific data on prey types fed to chicks. This has grown into a regional monitoring program that encompasses seven different areas. We are looking for folks to help with weekly summer breeding surveys. With a gregarious nature and bright feet, who wouldn't want to wake up early to spend an hour on the beach watching these charmers? The survey season runs from June to August. Volunteers are required to attend a training and a field orientation. Contact a regional lead to find out specific dates and times.
Interest in seabirds, community science, conservation. A degree/background/coursework in ornithology, marine biology, ecology, conservation, wildlife science, environmental science or other related field is a plus. Are you a photographer? Bonus points for you! Attention to detail, dependable, disciplined; good communication and interpersonal skills. Tech savvyness a plus.
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