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Orbis Environmental Consulting is seeking a Bat Technician interested in participating in bat surveys in the Midwest during the 2023 Indiana Bat Maternity Season (May 15th-August 15th). Specific project locations include southwest Missouri and potentially Indiana and Michigan. Orbis is a respected environmental consulting company that values responsible resource management of important ecological and cultural resources to meet the needs of a modern world. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: • Deploy and maintain mist net sets under supervision of Bat Biologist • Removal of bats from mist-nets and handling of bats during processing • Radio telemetry of bats during the day • Emergence counts of bats at their day roost
Basic Requirements: • Relevant biology coursework preferred, but not required • Relevant wildlife/animal experience preferred • Rabies vaccination series completed prior to job start • Prepared and willing to work for long hours during prolonged fieldwork deployment (up to one month) during the bat maternity season • Able to work independently and interact positively with Bat Biologists, project managers, landowners, and other technicians • Willingness to work outdoors in a variety of locations and weather conditions • Valid driver’s license required • Must be authorized to work in the US without company sponsorship Please send resume to email provided.
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Jeremy Sheets
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