Seasonal Biological Technician: Wilmington, NC

Audubon North Carolina
Wilmington, NC
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Audubon North Carolina manages 30-40% of North Carolina's nesting coastal waterbirds at 14-19 sites in the southern half of the state. In addition, we conduct various surveys and support academic research projects year-round. Preferred start date mid-March, position to last 6 months, no housing provided. Duties include: *Monitor American Oystercatcher, Least Tern, and Piping and Wilson’s Plover productivity on barrier islands and other coastal sites: locate, mark, and track nests to success or failure, recording accurate data. *Post bird nesting areas and maintain postings throughout the summer: use post-hole diggers and carry up to 40 lbs. *Carry out protocols for specific grants or other projects and provide logistical support for the same: remain alert and observant for long periods of time, communicate effectively with partners and co-workers. *Maintain accurate, detailed data: keep a regular field journal, maintain data sheets and spreadsheets, produce a written report and/or summary spreadsheets at the end of the season. *Conduct shorebird surveys: identify shorebirds and gulls and terns, use binoculars and a spotting scope, counting them rapidly and accurately. *Assist with other activities as needed, including volunteer events, educational activities, and waterbird surveys: engage positively with the public and volunteers.
*Bachelor’s degree in biology, wildlife management or related field preferred, or multiple years of experience carrying out similar field work. *Previous experience monitoring nesting shorebirds and colonial waterbirds strongly preferred. *Ability to identify shorebirds and waterbirds (terns, sandpipers, plovers, etc.). *Ability to operate outboard motorboats up to 23 feet in inshore waters and ability to tow, launch, and recover outboard motorboats up to 23 feet. Previous boating experience strongly preferred. Previous towing experience preferred. *Good written and oral communication skills, as well as strong organizational; ability to interact positively with the public and volunteers. *Proficient in MS Office suite. *Must possess valid driver's license and have the ability to pass NC boater’s license test. *Must be physically able to walk up to 25 miles per week and up to 8 miles in a day on a barrier island and be able to work outdoors in adverse conditions (cold, extreme heat, humidity, biting insects, etc.). *Comfortable working alone, unsupervised, on the water and on uninhabited islands. *A flexible approach to work, with the willingness to start early (sometimes before sunrise), work long hours, and on weekends and holidays as needed (Memorial Day Weekend and Fourth of July).
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Lindsay Addison
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