Seasonal Consultant, Field Technician for Green Roof Gull Nest Abatement – New York City

New York City Audubon
New York City
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Seasonal Field Technicians assist NYC Audubon staff in field work related to wildlife monitoring and nest management on a 7-acre green roof. Duties: ● Work up to 40 hours each week over a 15-week season mid-March through June. ● Assist Conservation Program Staff (CPS) with site preparation of the Javits green roof. ● Deter gull nesting activities in defined areas, using methodology designated by CPS. ● Record behavioral data on gull breeding, nesting, and response to deterrence, and keep detailed daily log of activities. ● Maintain scientific design and integrity of the study. ● Follow all safety protocols and maintain safe working environment. ● Assist with ongoing conservation and science projects on site. Salary: $20/hour for up to 40 hours per week between April 5 and July 9, 2021, paid every two weeks.
Required Skills ● Strong problem-solving skills, familiarity with following monitoring protocols, and meticulous attention to detail in recording data. ● Ability to work with minimal supervision and take direction from CPS. ● Good communication skills and the ability to interact positively with the public on sensitive conservation issues. Preferred Skills ● Experience and ability to work in difficult field conditions. ● Experience working in gull or other colonial waterbird colonies. ● Ability to use binoculars, spotting scope, or other survey equipment. ● Bird identification skills. Qualifications: ● Demonstrated interest in environmental issues. ● Ability to work weekend days. ● Degree in biological science/environmental policy, or background in ornithology preferred.
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Senior Conservation Biologist
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