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The Resource Crew position is a full time, seasonal position with Georgia State Parks. This position assists the Northern and Southern Resource Managers with a variety of resource management related work, across the state, including Rx burn unit prep and Rx burning, exotic plant control, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Work, and possibly native plant and/tree planting. Training would include S130/I190 Wildland Firefighter, Chainsaw Training, ATV Training, First Aid/CPR, and hands on field experience with native communities of Georgia. Housing is provided, as are work trucks. This job is very physical and team members should be able to pass the work capacity test (25 lbs/2 miles/30 minutes or 45lbs, 3 miles, 45 minutes). There is lots of travel involved across the state.
Passionate about the natural world, communities, and land restoration. Must have good communication skills, be willing to learn, follow direction, and be flexible. Substantial travel across the state is part of this job, there is a travel stipend available to crew members. Please contact me by email if interested.
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Phil Delestrez
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