Seasonal Shellfish Sampler-Oregon

Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife
Astoria, Or
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
2200 a month
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Job Description: This seasonal position completes diverse assignments to assess and manage shellfish harvest activities and populations of the northern Oregon coast. Primary duties are to: (1) complete surveys to characterize recreational and commercial shellfish harvest activities for razor clams on the Clatsop beaches; (2) assist with ongoing field surveys to assess the status and abundance of razor clams on Clatsop beach; (3) assist in ongoing field surveys to assess population status of razor clams on central and south coast beaches; (4) collect and process razor clam samples for ongoing studies including, biotoxins, spawning timeframes and maturity; (5) error check and code commercial shellfish logbook data. The position will also periodically assist other program staff with monitoring, research and assessment work for shellfish populations along the Oregon coast. Specific duties include: Samplers will conduct interviews and creel surveys to monitor recreational and commercial razor clam harvest activities. Field work will occur during low tides to determine levels of clamming activities. Samplers will collect biological data for shellfish samples (e.g., species, length, weight). They will collect and process samples from beaches for analysis. Keep accurate and precise data in the field and participation in public presentations and outreach events for diverse audiences.
Requirements: Minimum qualifications are not established for this position; however, applicants with related experience (e.g., experience handling shellfish, collecting biological sampling of shellfish, using computers and electronic equipment, and data entry; ability to identify shellfish, communicate with harvesters and other members of the public, and keep neat and precise field data) and/or who possess or are in pursuit of a college degree in fisheries or wildlife science or closely related biological/ecological sciences degree may be given preference. To Apply: You must submit a completed Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Employment Application form (available on the Internet at via e-mail (preferred) or mail to:
Contact Person
Matthew Hunter
Contact Phone
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