Seasonal Stream Survey Technician

Trout Unlimited
Bartow, West Virginia
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POSITION SUMMARY Trout Unlimited’s Mid Atlantic Coldwater Habitat Program in West Virginia is looking for energetic, intelligent, and motivated individuals to join our growing staff for seasonal employment in 2023. We are looking to hire a maximum of six entry-level, seasonal Stream Survey Technician positions with negotiable spring/early summer 2023 start dates. These seasonal positions have flexible end dates with maximum performance periods of 6 months or 1,000 hours. Lead positions are available. Successful candidates will be assigned to one of two crews and receive training and experience in stream surveys, measuring habitat characteristics, and conducting fish population surveys. Each crew will work on their assigned project at a highly independent and self-sufficient level. One crew will be working with the USFS-Monongahela National Forest to assist activities that support native trout and aquatic resource conservation, and another crew will be working with Trout Unlimited Project Managers to assess how native trout are responding to our conservation work on private lands across West Virginia and Virginia. This is a paid position with optional, shared crew housing available. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Assist with watershed survey activities including: stream morphology, habitat and fish population assessment. • Navigate to remote stream sites, often hiking several miles, carrying survey equipment, using GPS and topographic maps. • Operate with no cellular service • Maintain rigorous data collection and assessment protocols • Identify and report any concerns to supervisor and coordinate with appropriate Forest Service personnel on a regular basis • Wade streams and rivers in a variety of flow regimes and weather conditions. • Maintain equipment and report maintenance/equipment needs to supervisor. • Camp for one or more nights when survey sites are far from the base location • Maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism while on the job. • Additional duties in support of the watershed program may be required and include, but are not limited to: tree planting, restoring streams with large woody material, assisting road decommissioning activities, supporting culvert replacement projects, water temperature monitoring, and education/outreach.
· Demonstrable experience with physically demanding work. · Ability to quickly acquire skills and learn new techniques. · Willing to work long days in challenging environments. · Possess strong communication skills. · Working knowledge of watershed health and function. · A valid driver’s license and the ability to pass background checks for employment. · A strong passion for native fishes and the watersheds upon which they rely. · Ability to work cooperatively in a team with varied skills, abilities and perspectives. · Ability to think creatively, keep an open mind, and take constructive criticism. · Patience to deal with bugs, snakes, mud, rain, cold, and hot weather. · Ability to drive large, off-road vehicles. Competitive candidates will have one or more of the following: Knowledge of fish habitat Field Experience Exposure to aquatic habitat surveys Fish ID skills Electrofishing experience Snorkel survey experience GPS/GIS experience Laser level Survey experience First Aid/CPR training Experience navigating in remote locations Experience living and working in teams
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Spencer Zuraski
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