Seasonal Wildlife Conservation Aide- Delaware

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Augustine Beach Headquarters: (303 N. Congress Street, Port Penn, DE, 19731)
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Last Date to Apply
The Seasonal Wildlife Conservation Aide is responsible for operating land management equipment and boats; performing habitat management activities and installing wildlife food and cover plots; performing herbicide applications; placing and maintaining waterfowl blinds, deer stands, information signs and wildlife nesting structures; maintenance of ponds and water control structures and managing public use facilities such as boat ramps, wildlife viewing trails and structures, and the Michael Castle Trail. Duties also include assisting staff biologists with biological data collection at deer stations. For details regarding position and link to apply online, please visit
For details regarding position and link to apply online, Please visit Recruitment: #102618-MXGC01-400300
Contact Person
Michele Reed
Contact eMail
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