Seasonal Wildlife Technician-Elk- New Mexico

New Mexico State University
Gila, Apache-Sitgreaves, Cibola National Forests (NM and AZ)
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Full time Positions
Salary: $11.77/hour for 40hrs a week (Bachelor Degree) $10.00/hour for 40hrs a week (Non-Bachelor Degree)
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New Mexico State University is seeking seasonal field technicians to assist field staff in an elk study in western New Mexico and eastern Arizona. The study area includes much of the Gila, Apache-Sitgreaves, and Cibola National Forests. 5-month (May- Early Oct) and short term 90-day (May-Early Aug) positions are available. Employees’ responsibilities are subject to change depending on time of year, but primarily involve: - Elk mortality investigations (~25%) - Predator cluster investigations (~20%) - Behavioral observations (~20%) - Vegetation Surveys (~15%) - Elk calf capture (~10%) - Scat collection (~5%) - Data entry (~5%) - Telemetry (daily) Employees will assist project staff with daily data collection, entry, and vehicle maintenance. This is a long-term project and data collected will be used to assess population dynamics, life-history, resource selection, and behavioral strategies of elk in areas with re-establishing predator populations. Additionally, research is being conducted to assess prey composition and predator kill, scavenging, and consumption rates. This project is an excellent opportunity for wildlife graduates to further their field experience.
: Bachelor's degree required for 5-month positions, current undergrads in good standing may apply and be considered for 90-day positions. Technicians must be okay with regularly conducting necropsies including skinning, harvesting organs, and tolerating putrid smells. Strong preference is given to individuals with previous experience using GPS units, 4WD vehicles, operating ATVs, performing in depth necropsies, and conducting extensive handheld telemetry in a variety of terrains. Employees should have a strong interest in wildlife ecology and management. Technicians should be highly motivated with the ability to work both individually and as a team. Positions are physically demanding and individuals must be willing to work irregular hours (e.g., holidays, weekends, early and late mornings/evenings). Employees should be physically comfortable with performing fieldwork in inclement weather under strenuous conditions in a mountainous ecosystem, including backcountry hiking 7+ miles in high elevation and rocky/steep terrain, camping, and carrying 40+ lbs. Technicians MUST be detailed oriented, have a positive disposition and critical thinking skills to get themselves out of difficult situations. Housing will be in the form of camper trailers (provided) and camping may be required for +/- 4 days at a time (camping gear not provided). The project is conducted in remote areas with little cell signal and limited amenities. We work with a multitude of stakeholders and this project has many moving parts so flexibility, a good attitude, and the ability to get along with others is critical to succeeding. To apply: Send a single pdf document containing: 1) cover letter--including available start date 2) resume/CV 3) contact information for three references to . Please use the format Lastname_Firstname_NMSU_Elk.pdf (ex. Smith_Joe_NMSU_Elk.pdf). Please title the subject line “NMSU Elk Technician Position” Applications will be reviewed as they are received and positions will be filled accordingly. Salary: $11.77/hour for 40hrs a week (Bachelor Degree) $10.00/hour for 40hrs a week (Non-Bachelor Degree)
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Scott Boyle and Sam Martinez
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