Seasonal Wildlife Technician: Northern California

Green Diamond Resource Company
Korbel, California (Humboldt County)
Job Category
$20.00 per hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
POSITION PURPOSE: Primary responsibility of this position is to conduct surveys for spotted owls as required by Green Diamond’s Habitat Conservation Plan and timber harvest planning. May assist with other wildlife surveys as needed. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned) •Conducts spotted owl and barred owl surveys using electronic calls and visual searches. Will conduct survey work alone, at night, with radio contact. •Determines nesting status at spotted owl sites. •Utilizes compass, maps, aerial photographs and record spatial information •Enters field data accurately and efficiently on forms and in computer databases. •Assists in a variety of other wildlife surveys as needed. •Participates actively in company safety program.
•Completion of a two or four year degree with emphasis in wildlife biology or related field. •General knowledge of local terrestrial vertebrates. •Current valid driver’s license. •Effective and productive communication skills; speaks well, communicates ideas clearly. Writes well - clearly and concisely. Is approachable and open to discussion. •Conducts self in a professional manner at all times. Treats others with respect at all times. Does not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or national origin. Shares knowledge with others; participates in mentoring. •Manages multiple priorities professionally with minimum disruption to others. Organized and proactively manages environment. Responds to unexpected challenges successfully without losing track of daily responsibilities. Prioritizes workload in order of importance. Reliably follows through with job assignments. To apply online go to the Green Diamond website: www.greendiamond/people/career-opportunities
Contact Person
Debra Miller
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