Seed Collection: Havasu National Wildlife Refuge

Southern Utah University IIC
Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
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Overview: This intern will work closely with staff at Bill Williams River and Havasu National Wildlife Refuges, as well as other land management agencies and organizations, on collecting, documenting, cleaning, and storing plant materials for wildfire rehabilitation projects. This intern will also have an opportunity to support other habitat restoration projects and assist in other refuge operations. Free housing will be provided. Valid drivers license is required and personal vehicle for off-duty transportation is strongly encouraged. Arizona residents, and others who have experience working outside in extreme summertime temperatures (exceeding 110 Fahrenheit) are strongly encouraged to apply Position Responsibilities: Collect, clean, store plant material -Collect and manage plant material data, including location information, collection technique, and herbarium samples -Assist refuge staff with other habitat restoration work, including but not limited to post-restoration monitoring, planting irrigation, invasive species management, nest box checks, and restoration material preparation -Assist refuge staff with day-to-day operations, including but not limited to equipment and facilities maintenance, visitor services events, and biological surveys
-Valid drivers license -Ability to safely lift up to 50 pounds -Ability to work safely on uneven and rough terrain -Ability to work independently in remote conditions -Good communication skills and interest in working in a team setting -Interest in conservation biology and wildfire rehabilitation -Training in botany or habitat restoration desired, but not a requirement
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Ethan Seavey
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