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Transcon (Wright Services)
Rawlins, WY
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The job primarily involves environmental compliance monitoring of electrical transmission and distribution line construction projects. The principal duties will be inspecting and monitoring construction activities to ensure resource protection measures are being implemented to protect sensitive resources (e.g., archaeological, paleontological, biological, and visual resources; waters; soils; unique geological features; etc.). Examples of daily activities include verifying sensitive biological resources are flagged for avoidance and verifying avian nests are no longer occupied. Other duties will consist of tracking and reporting construction activities, documentation of compliance/non-compliance with resource protection measures, filing daily reports, photo documenting site conditions, and coordinating with other relevant parties. These positions are primarily field-based positions with minimal office time anticipated and will be managed from local offices specific for each respective project. Our office locations for these projects include those in Rawlins, WY. Project sites will generally be within 50 to 200 miles of the office locations. Ideal candidates for this work will possess a degree in an environmental resources field and have experience performing construction monitoring. Those with the specific experience detailed below will be given preference. We anticipate that employment will begin by March 2023 and be steady to the end of 2024.
Required experience: Degree in a biological resource field (biology, avian, wildlife, or ecology, archaeology, or paleontology) The ability to work long hours Competence using GPS units, maps, and iPads The ability to operate four-wheel drive vehicles on rough terrain and in winter conditions The ability to perform work duties independently Strong communication skills A record of prior employment documenting that the applicant is organized, motivated, dependable, and good at solving problems in a professional and timely manner. Ability to relocate close to the project, as needed Preferred experience: Experience with one or more of the following: Biological resources (specifically avian surveys, raptor identification, botanical surveys, and/or bat surveys) Implementing and/or monitoring erosion and sediment controls including preparation and maintenance of SWPPPs. Soils Restoration and reclamation Field experience on construction projects Familiarity with electrical transmission and distribution line construction activities Performing environmental inspections for construction monitoring Prior experience working in Wyoming, California, Arizona, and Utah. Flexibility on preferred project/location
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