Senior Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice: Texas

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.
Kendalia, TX
Job Category
Monthly stipend of $500; onsite housing provided.
Last Date to Apply
Description: This program is an extension of WRR Animal Caretaker Apprenticeship-Wildlife Rehabilitation and is designed for individuals who have considerable previous experience in wildlife rehabilitation and animal care and are interested in developing the intermediate to advanced level skills required to obtain full-time employment in these fields. The 6- month program combines hands-on training and related classroom instruction during which participants will learn the advanced practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to excel in the demanding field of wildlife rehab. The Senior Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice concentrates on furthering the care and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned native Texas wildlife, while increasing knowledge of domesticated farmed animals, companion animals and non-native small animals in a sanctuary setting. Participants in the Spring/ Summer programs can expect to spend long days working heavy shifts in the hospital dealing with large numbers of infant animals and gaining intake and triage skills with a high volume of new arrivals; the Fall/Winter program participants will see fewer numbers and variety of animals in the hospital and upon intake, but will have the opportunity to spend a larger percentage of time on observation and enrichment. Both seasons offer plenty of opportunity for advanced skill development in all areas.

Participant Duties and Responsibilities:
- Understand and abide by WRR policies, philosophies and code of ethics
- Learn the natural history, life stages, diet, daily care and housing requirements for a variety of Texas native avian, mammal and reptile species, including but not limited to: armadillos, cottontails, raptors, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, egrets and herons, and porcupines
- Understand and participate in the process and stages of wildlife rehabilitation including rescues and releases
- Carry out substantial animal husbandry duties consisting of feeding, cleaning and maintaining enclosures, and enrichment activities
- Undertake intermediate medical work including physical exam and triage, medication dosage calculations, fluid therapy, wound management, and injury stabilization
- Conduct behavioral observations and maintain detailed caretaking records
- Demonstrate proper understanding and practice of safety procedures
- Develop written and interpersonal communication skills
- Complete administrative duties including paperwork and recordkeeping
- Participate in public education through the WRR hotline service
- Develop team management and leadership skills through mentorship of apprentices and volunteers
- Complete an individual skill or research project
Requirements and Prerequisites:
- Completion of WRR Animal Caretaker Apprenticeship in Wildlife Rehabilitation
- Bachelor’s degree required, animal-related field preferred
- Commitment to completion of the 6 month program
- Willingness to work evenings, weekends, and holidays
- Ability to work long hours (50-70 hours per week) in all weather conditions
- Ability to lift 50lbs, twist and bend, and spend long periods of time on your feet
- Capable of handling physically, mentally and emotionally stressful situations
- Competent in working independently and as part of a team
- Possess a strong personal work ethic, positive attitude and high level of integrity
- Meningitis, Tetanus and Rabies pre-exposure vaccines are required
- Valid driver’s license and clean driving record are required

The Fall/Winter program begins September, Spring classes begin in February and Summer programs in June. Applications for this program are accepted year-round. If you are interested in applying for this training program, please fax, mail or email a resume, letter of interest, and one professional letter of reference to the address below.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
Attn: Apprentice Supervisor
P.O. Box 369
Kendalia TX 78027
Contact Person
Leon Ruttley
Contact Phone
Contact eMail
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