Shorebird Technician: Nantucket, MA

The Trustees of Reservations
Nantucket, MA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$17.50- $19 per hour
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Trustees of Reservations are seeking an individual responsible for monitoring, research, and management activities for nesting and migratory shorebirds on the island of Nantucket. The Trustees are responsible for shorebird management on the Coskata - Coatue Wildlife refuge, a 1,117-acre barrier beach extending to the northern most reaches of the island. This idyllic and diverse beach complex boasts unique maritime juniper forests- the largest of its kind in New England-, the island’s largest saltmarsh, an old growth maritime oak forest, and extensive dune systems which provide refuge for countless species year-round. At the northern most tip of the refuge lies a breeding colony of Atlantic grey seal and typically pelagic species such as northern gannets, great shearwaters, and humpback whale can be seen mere feet from shore. Together, these beaches provide critical habitat for several threatened species but also serve as a popular outdoor recreation destination. This is a seasonal, full-time position supervised by the Coastal Ecologist and Stewardship Manager and is expected to begin in April and continue through August. Essential Functions: -Perform daily monitoring and management activities for breeding piping plovers, American oystercatchers, and several species of tern, including collecting data on nest location, nest protection, and chick monitoring following established protocols. -Compose weekly reports on the status of beach nesting birds and beach access to be distributed organization wide. -Help ensure that shorebird data is accurate, organized, and up to date. -Regularly communicate with the Coastal Ecologist and property management staff to ensure the successful implementation of our shorebird protection program. -Install, maintain, and remove symbolic fencing and signage used to protect breeding and migratory shorebirds and their habitats. -Assist with targeted predator control and monitoring efforts. -Compile and report productivity data for state piping plover, American oystercatcher, and tern censuses and complete an end of season internal report. -Occasionally interact and educate visitors about shorebird and barrier beach ecology. -Assist with the collection of post-breeding migratory shorebird abundance and distribution data. About The Trustees: The Trustees places are open to all, and we thrive by involving as many people as possible in what we do. Founded in 1891 by a group of visionary volunteers, we preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts. We aim to protect special places for future generations to enjoy in perpetuity. We have helped protect more than 50,000 acres, including 27,000+ acres on more than 120 reservations that are open to the public. We are a non-profit conservation organization funded and supported entirely by our visitors, supporters, volunteers, and our 100,000 Member households. Our seasonal staff plays an integral role in ensuring that our visitors enjoy our extraordinary places. Every season brings an influx of visitors of all ages and backgrounds who want to explore and be inspired by our properties. Sandy beaches, wooded trails, cultural gardens, historic homes, community supported agriculture—there are many ways for visitors to discover and explore The Trustees, and just as many opportunities for seasonal employees to make each visitor’s experience special. The Trustees offers competitive compensation, as well as the opportunity to be part of a dedicated team across the Commonwealth who love the outdoors and the distinctive charms of New England, and who believe in celebrating and protecting our special places, for everyone, forever. The Trustees is a proud equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any protected status including, but not limited to, age, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, religion, or disability status and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ applicants. We aspire to reflect and effectively serve the residents and communities of Massachusetts, who are at the core of our mission.
Qualifications: -Coursework in wildlife biology, ecology, zoology, environmental science, ornithology, or related experience. -The ability to identify birds. -At least 3 months of previous field experience (does not need to be shorebird related experience). -Strong verbal and written communication skills. -The ability to work independently and closely with other staff and the public. Requirements: -Experience working with beach-nesting shorebirds and identifying them by sight and sound. -Experience with biological data collection and data management. -Wildlife tracking skills. -Experience working in coastal environments, and awareness of threats to beach nesting birds (e.g., predation, dogs, and human disturbance). -Operating off-road vehicles. -The ability to work outdoors daily, and at times, under rigorous conditions. -The ability to perform physically strenuous duties, such as hiking long distances on the beach. -The ability to lift/carry 30 pounds. -The ability to work weekends, holidays, and occasional irregular hours. -Driving on the beach is an essential function of this job, a valid driver’s license and a satisfactory driving record are required as outlined in The Trustees’ driving policy. Prior driving on the beach is not required, and beach driving training will be provided. -A satisfactory criminal background check (CORI).
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