Shuyak Island Backcountry Volunteer Position

Alaska State Parks
Shuyak Island
Job Category
Nonpaid internship. Food and lodging provided.
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
Volunteers can expect daily assignments to run 8AM-4PM, Monday-Friday. Schedules may vary some to occasionally accommodate a long day followed by a short day or a late start to catch a high tide through a narrow waterway. Tasks will vary substantially day by day, but include hiking, kayaking, or using a motored skiff to maintain 15+ miles of trail, kayak portages, and public use cabins. Trail work includes clearing, brushing, and raking trails as well as, trail sign installs and replacement, bridge and boardwalk building and repair. Public Use Cabins, the Big Bay Ranger Station, and their outbuildings may require cleaning, staining, painting, carpentry, or other repairs. If time and logistics allows some or all of the crew may also travel to Afognak Island State Park for similar projects. Task are directed by an experienced crew leader who can provide training on site.
Volunteer and Volunteer Internship Positions - Summer 2023. Visit attached URL and apply. Seeking college student who are interested in an internship with Alaska State Parks.
Contact Person
Ella K Fitzwater
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