Sierra Nevada Carnivore Monitoring Field Technicians

Forest Service
southern Sierra Nevada, CA
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$14.30/hr (GS-04) to $19.82/hr (GS-07)
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
The Forest Service will be hiring crew members and crew leader positions to conduct non-invasive carnivore surveys for the Sierra Nevada Carnivore Monitoring Program. This monitoring program is a long-term project, ongoing since 2002, with the goal of assessing the population status and trend of fisher (Pekania pennanti), marten (Martes caurina), and other associated carnivore species across the National Forests of the Sierra Nevada. The field crew will be responsible for installing, and servicing track-plate boxes, remote sensor cameras, and hair snares, collecting data, and identifying tracks and photographs, and collecting hair for genetic analysis. Survey sites are located between ~3000 ft and 10,000 ft and occur largely in forested areas. Accessing survey locations requires hiking off-trail in remote areas and difficult terrain. Crew members may be required to work independently at times though most work will occur in pairs. Extensive car camping and some backpacking will be required and will involve up to 4 consecutive days. In addition to the above field duties, the selected crew leader(s) will be responsible for coordinating survey activities for their crew. In addition to day-to-day oversight of crew activities, crew-leader duties include assisting in planning and scheduling surveys, data management, quality control, and maintaining a safe work environment. Crew leaders are expected to maintain good working relationships with local Forest Service staff and law enforcement. The selected crew leader(s) will spend ~60% of their time in the field, and 40% of their time coordinating logistics. The field crew will likely be housed near the community of Shaver Lake, CA although other housing locations are also possible in the vicinity of the Sierra or Sequoia National Forests. Government housing will be available and work vehicles will be provided. The field season is expected to begin in mid-May for the leader(s) and late May for technicians and is expected to continue through mid-late October.
Applicants for these positions should be able to work independently with a high degree of initiative. Other qualifications include the ability to confidently navigate off-trail through difficult terrain using map and compass; excellent physical condition (capable of hiking 3-10 miles off-trail/day); safe, responsible driving habits; the ability to cope with strenuous field conditions that include hot temperatures, steep terrain, dense vegetation, poison oak, and insects. Prior experience with non-invasive carnivore survey methods and knowledge of Sierra Nevada flora is preferred, but not required. In addition, applicants for the crew leader position should have strong organizational skills, be able to set priorities for themselves and their crew, make decisions independently, communicate effectively, and work well with their crew while maintaining a level of professional separation. A valid state driver’s license is required Application Procedure: Interested individuals should send a brief note of inquiry and a resume to Jody Tucker (jtucker at with subject line reading “2019 Carnivore Monitoring Positions.” In your email specify the positions (field technician and/or field crew leader) and grade level(s) you are applying for. As these positions are highly competitive you are encouraged to apply to multiple grade level to increase your chances of being selected. *No phone calls please* Hiring will occur through, and applications and all supporting material must be submitted online by 8:59 pm Pacific Time on the closing date of 10/12/18. Be sure to attach a resume with references and a copy of your transcripts to your USAjobs application. ** To be eligible for the Sierra Nevada Forest Carnivore Monitoring Crew positions, you must apply to the location “Porterville, CA”. To do so add Porterville, CA to your desired work location in your USAjobs profile. Eligibility for each pay grade is based on education and/or experience and details for each pay grade can be found in the USAjobs announcements. Positions are open to all U.S. citizens at least 18 years of age.. To find the job announcements enter the following announcement numbers in the search field: Biological Science Technician (Wildlife): GS4: 19-TEMP-R5-BSTWF-4DT-PM GS5: 19-TEMP-R5-BSTWF-5DT-PM GS6: 19-TEMP-C56-BSTWF-6DT-PR GS7: 19-TEMP-C56-BSTWF-7DT-PR Student Hiring: Hiring for students who will be returning to school in the fall and cannot stay for the entire duration of the field season will occur through the Student Conservation Association Conservation (SCA) Internship program. Internship positions will run for 13-16 weeks ~ beginning in late May. Compensation for these internship positions is free housing, a weekly stipend and a travel allowance. SCA positions for 2019 will be posted to the SCA website ( ~February 2019.
Contact Person
Jody Tucker
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