Small Conservation Grant (Northern California, Herps)

Northern California Herpetological Society
Northern California
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The Northern California Herpetological Society will be providing three separate grants to individuals or groups seeking to obtain funding for local reptile or amphibian focused conservation projects. These grants can be the sole funding for a project or used to fund one or more aspects of a larger project. Graduate students and professionals: $500 Undergraduate students and high school students: $250 Middle school students and elementary school students: $250 DETAILS: -Projects must be located in Northern California. -Applications are due no later than 11:59pm on November 1, 2018. Late applications will not be considered. Submit to -Awards will be announced by December 15, 2018. -Awards will be disbursed by January 30, 2019. -Please keep applications short, not to exceed two pages. -Include in your two page limit a detailed description of how you would like to use the grant money. It is possible to apply for less than the grant is worth if you do not need the full sum, please specify. -Projects submitted should be taking place in 2019 or starting in 2019. Please include a timeline goal. -Please state if you would be willing to give NCHS a presentation about your conservation project. Ability or willingness to present is not a requirement to be considered. Applications will be reviewed and voted on by NCHS Board Members. NCHS Board Members and their family are not eligible. NCHS reserves the right to not award grant funds if there is not a suitable application in a particular category. These funds can be used at the Board’s discretion including retaining for a subsequent year or awarding two grants to the same category.
No qualifications. Applications will be judged on their merit.
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Alex Fulton
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