Small mammal field technician – Northern Nevada

University of Nevada, Reno
Great Basin, Northern Nevada
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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Our research objective is to determine the effectiveness of pinyon and juniper woodland removal projects in creating sagebrush habitat that supports specialized sagebrush-dependent species as well as other species typically found within healthy sagebrush communities to help guide management practices. These nontarget fauna include bats, birds, small mammals, reptiles, and terrestrial invertebrates across five regions of the Great Basin. We are seeking two additional field assistants that have strong outdoor skills, interest in non-game species, and can work long and irregular hours in harsh conditions. This position is available to start between mid-April and early May. This position runs every week through mid-September. Job activities include: • Live small mammal trapping • Small mammal identification, handling, and tissue collection • Reptile visual identification • Insect collection via light traps and sweep netting • Acoustical monitoring set-up for bats and birds • Camping for 6-14 nights in a row with short breaks in Reno, NV
Required capabilities: • Carry loaded pack for 1-3 miles at a time • Withstand temperature fluctuations of Nevada • Camp in a tent without consistent internet, phone, or running water for up to two weeks at a time • Work independently of direct supervision Preferred background: • Previous work with identification of Great Basin species • Previous work involving vegetation surveys • Previous work handling and identifying bat, shrew, or chipmunk species Send a CV to Danielle Miles via email.
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Danielle Miles
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