Small Mammal Research Tech, Colorado

Biological Resources, LLC
Durango, Colorado
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
06/21/2021or until filled
Research technicians (1 or more) needed for small mammal inventories and research project, in collaboration with Northern Arizona University, located near Durango, Colorado. Successful applicants will work as part of a team conducting small mammal inventories, as well as 1) protocol surveys and 2) research targeting the breeding ecology of the federally endangered New Mexico meadow jumping mouse (Zapus hudsonius luteus). We will live-trap small mammals with Sherman live-traps, PIT-tag jumping mice, collect morphological data from individuals, collect fecal samples from the inside of traps, and measure environmental variables. The research takes place in rural areas and remote areas along riparian corridors. Housing is not provided. Office duties may include data entry, maintenance of sampling gear, and field preparations. The typical work schedule is evenings (setting traps) and early mornings (checking traps and collecting fecal samples) schedule is about 8 days on; 6 days off (5-10 hour days); repeat June through August 2021. Possible extension through September when the radio-telemetry and hibernation study commences, if interested.
To be considered for these positions, you MUST: • have experience working in the field and knowledge of small mammal trapping • provide your own transportation and housing • be able to work effectively at odd hours hiking in difficult trail-less terrain • be able to spend several hours in waders walking through fast-moving streams • have a passion for conducting field research • be willing to camp (with own equipment), if needed, for up to 3 consecutive nights Applicants should be motivated, work well with others and independently, be able to follow protocols, have strict attention to detail, and maintain a positive attitude under adverse weather conditions. The ideal candidate will have trapping and handling experience with small mammals, familiarity with fauna and flora of the southwest region, and the ability to navigate to sampling locations using a map, compass, and a GPS unit. A degree in the natural sciences or a related field is preferred but not required. Please send a resume, cover letter, and 3 references to Jennifer Zahratka
Contact Person
Jennifer Zahratka
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