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This is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre founded in 2010 and based at the foot of the stunning Hlumu Hlumu Mountains in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa. They are the only primate rehabilitation in the province, and as such the work focuses mainly on vervet monkeys. The majority of these monkeys come in as tiny babies after their mothers have been shot, poisoned or hit by cars or killed so that people can raise the baby as a pet. Other wildlife that needs to be rescued is also taken in and to date have successfully worked with mongoose, many antelope and bird species, warthog, bushpigs, bushbabies, small predators and reptiles. You are essential for the success of this project and are required for every aspect of the day to day running of the project. There is no typical day and although many of the jobs are a daily necessity such as feeding and cleaning, there is always a new experience or job that needs doing. You will get involved and have fun while learning new skills, meeting new people and experiencing a new way of life all while making a huge difference to wildlife conservation. You will be treated as a professional member of the team and it is important that you use your initiative and listen and learn. By all working together as a team big things can be achieved for the animals in their care. Please make sure that you complete any tasks to the best of your ability to ensue the smooth running of the centre as a whole. The working hours are normally 7am - 5pm but this is dependent on animal emergencies. Please remember the animals come first and plans for volunteers (such as days off or meal times) may be delayed if an emergency occurs. Please remember that this is a serious conservation project and the hours may be long and demanding. Examples of some of the jobs you may be involved in: • Daily feeding routines and sorting of new food deliveries • Hand raising and bottle feeding of orphans • Working in the baby monkey nursery (Nov-May) to supervise and ensure they are playing, sleeping, feeding etc. • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!! We need to ensure all the enclosures and work areas are kept clean to avoid any infections. • Helping to administer medicines • Construction projects - helping to build enclosures, fixing fences, taking down old fences, painting, fixing, maintenance, laying pipes etc. • Taking part in animal rescues or releases • Land maintenance such as alien tree removal or burning fie breaks • Enrichment projects There are costs involved when joining this program which covers accommodation, 3 meals a day, 1 transfer from and to Nelspruit to the project, 2 week cost € 675 4 weeks cost € 950 8 Weeks cos €1700 Excluded: Travel/flights to South Africa Travel insurance
The programs are volunteer programs - however, many students choose this program as part of their internship. We can even tailor this project according to your needs. The projects in South Africa do not have 'typical internship' opportunities available, however are flexible in terms of customisation.
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