Social Science Research Assistant: Colorado

U.S. Geological Survey
Fort Collins, Colorado
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Full time Positions
$26.68/hour - $39.49/hour
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Employment Opportunity: Social Science Research Assistant Location: Fort Collins, Colorado The Social and Economic Analysis Branch of the U.S. Geological Survey in Fort Collins, CO, is excited to announce an employment opportunity for a research assistant. The research assistant will support ongoing interdisciplinary chronic wasting disease (CWD) social science research projects. The projects investigate CWD management as a complex social-ecological system and seeks to understand the social and cultural barriers to accept CWD management actions. The Social and Economic Analysis Branch is a dynamic, collegial group of social scientists and economists providing applied social science for a range of government agencies. The successful candidate will interact with branch scientists, project partners, and collaborating natural scientists and fill a leadership role in project research and dissemination of results. This program will provide the successful candidate the opportunity to contribute to the overall research efforts of the USGS while gaining excellent professional research experience and networking opportunities early in their careers. This position is a USGS Student Services contract position. This means: • Applicants must be U.S. citizens • Applicants must either have graduated within the past year or be currently enrolled as a student. • For all legal purposes, student is regarded as an independent contractor. Payments for services are reportable and taxable as earned income. No Federal, State, or Local income taxes will be deducted. No Social Security or Medicare taxes will be deducted. Student is responsible for payment of all taxes. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will report the total amount paid under this order to the Internal Revenue Service on a Standard Form 1099. The student is not considered an employee and will not receive a W-2 form. This is a full-time position. Currently, one year of funding is available for this position, a second year is dependent on availability of funds and performance. The employee will be physically located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Some weekly telework is available. Salary is determined by highest educational degree completed: Bachelor of Science - $26.68/hour, Master of Science - $39.49/hour.
The research assistant must have: • At least a bachelor’s degree in a social science or natural science field. • Excellent writing ability. • A U.S. driver’s license as operation of a government vehicle may be required. Our preferred candidate will have: • A Master’s degree in a social science or natural science field. • Demonstrated experience conducting social science research • Demonstrated experience with natural resource management, wildlife management, and/or wildlife disease. • A U.S. driver’s license as operation of a government vehicle may be required. Contact Information: For questions related directly to the job, contact Nicholas Cole at To Apply: Please submit a resume and a writing sample to by 11:59pm Mountain time on Sunday, April 21rd. Please use “Social Science Research Assistant Application” as the subject line.
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Nicholas Cole
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