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The Colville National Forest is outreaching for 1 permanent full time soil scientist/ecologist. We may also use the response to this outreach to fill a NTE 120-day Detail/Temporary Promotion. Ultimately, this is a permanent, full-time position. The incumbent would serve as a restoration focused soil scientist and ecologist, and with primary responsibility for contributing to an Interdisciplinary Team on the Central Zone of the Colville National Forest. Th position will be supervised by the Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist (Environmental Coordinator) and the duty location will be Kettle Falls, Washington. The soil scientist/ecologist is responsible for providing expertise in the protection, management, and improvement of soil resources within the framework of multiple-use management. This position offers a challenging opportunity for an individual to participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of forest restoration while balancing resources and uses. Duties of this position would include participating on interdisciplinary teams, and conducting field and desktop analysis of soil resources in support of forest restoration projects. Pre and post harvest monitoring, conducting the forest soil disturbance monitoring protocol, groundwater dependent ecosystem protocol, and other natural resource surveys as well as monitoring across a variety of landscapes and eco-types will also be primary duties. The position may also act as the work lead for one permanent seasonal employee and up to 4 seasonal employees. Field visits, monitoring reports, and ArcMap products would be produced to support field survey and NEPA analysis. Position would assist timber sale administrators and prescribed fire managers with the determination of soil and hydrology conditions to protect soil and water quality. Opportunities to work on landslide/slope stability issues, wetland and meadow restoration, and other projects to support the program of work. Preference would be given to candidates that can interpret and apply Soil and Ecological Site Mapping for planning teams that help guide restoration activities at a watershed scale. This work would complement vegetation departure analysis that guide forest management activities and watershed restoration opportunities. Knowledge of implementing watershed restoration such as road decommissioning, wetland/floodplain restoration, and subsoiling techniques to enhance soil productivity and function are desired.
You must respond to the outreach in order to be notified when position is open. The Colville National Forest has established a project plan that treats the forest by watershed on a 20 year rotation. Most forest restoration projects fall under the analysis of these larger watersheds, allowing us to streamline and focus our work, keeping a clear vision of priorities. We are looking for individuals interested in building relationships, and embarking on new ways of doing business. If you enjoy innovation and teamwork, this may be the place for you. In addition to strong technical proficiency, an ideal candidate would have GIS skills, good oral and written communication skills, and experience in project development, design, management and monitoring. Interested individuals should complete the attached outreach response form. This ensures that you will receive notification when the vacancy announcement is posted on For questions about these positions, please contact: For West Zone position: Travis Fletcher, Republic District Ranger,, phone (509) 775-7415, cell (509) 207-9339. For Central Zone position: Holly Hutchinson, Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist,, 509-680-9731
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