Songbird Banding Technician (Roving): Virginia–Maine (Traveling)

Saltmarsh Habitat and Avian Research Program (SHARP)
Virginia–Maine (Traveling)
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The Saltmarsh Habitat and Avian Research Program (SHARP) is seeking an EXPERIENCED BIRD BANDER to join our roving field team that will work in marshes from Maine to Virginia this summer. SHARP is a collaborative group of researchers studying tidal marsh bird ecology and conservation across the Northeast ( with emphasis placed on Saltmarsh Sparrow, Seaside Sparrow, Nelson’s Sparrow, Willet, and Clapper Rail. Description: The roving technician will conduct mist-netting, banding, bird bleeding, and phenotype data collection in tidal saltmarshes across the Northeast. (Housing and transportation will be provided.) Responsibilities also include assisting in the planning of field logistic and staying on top of gear maintenance and data entry. Focal species are the Saltmarsh Sparrow, Nelson’s Sparrow, Seaside Sparrow, Swamp Sparrow, Song Sparrow, and Savannah Sparrow. To apply: Please send a single PDF file containing a cover letter and resume (or CV) with at least three references to Jonathan Clark at with "SHARP Roving Crew Search 2022: " as the subject line.
Requirements: Applicants should have sufficient bird banding experience to obtain a federal banding subpermit and previous field work experience in marsh, grassland, or similarly challenging habitats. Applicants should be self-motivated, able to handle difficult field conditions, adaptable, and physically fit. Applicants should also work well as part of a close-knit team and have a positive attitude. Strong organizational skills and an undying love—or at least strong tolerance—of mud, bugs, heat, and the soul-cleansing fires of fieldwork are essential attributes.
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