Songbird Research and Education Intern-Alaska

Alaska Songbird Institute
Fairbanks, Alaska
Job Category
Tax-deductible stipend of $1,250 per month
Start Date
Last Date to Apply
POSITION DESCRIPTION: This position will assist with research and education at the Alaska Songbird Institute in Fairbanks, Alaska. The intern will work alongside ASI biologists and community volunteers at the Creamer’s Field Migration Station, a mist netting station operating during spring and fall migration. Training will be provided in: bird banding & mist netting techniques, bird identification, and environmental education. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Duties may include but are not limited to: operating mist nets, monitoring and removing birds from mist nets, recording data, leading 1-hour field trips (grades K-12), leading 1-hour bird walks for visitors, station maintenance, interacting with volunteers, greeting independent visitors, and entering data in a manner that is consistent with ASI procedures. Responsibilities are expected to break down as follows: research & monitoring (40%); environmental education and community interaction (40%); data summarization and entry (10%); and field logistics (10%). HOURS: Variable, not to exceed 40 hours /week from July 26-September 30, 2018. Required to work many weekend days. STATUS: Seasonal COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: This is a volunteer, educational position that carries no salary, however, the position includes a living stipend of $1,250 per month, partial months will be pro-rated. Stipends are taxable and paid in monthly installments. Housing is not provided.
QUALIFICATIONS: Interns must possess a demonstrated interest in ornithology, environmental education, a strong work ethic, meticulous approach to collecting and recording data, positive attitude, good interpersonal skills, a genuine desire to gain experience in nest monitoring, banding, and working in a community-based research model. Interns must make common sense decisions concerning wildlife interactions (e.g., moose, bear), be able to work independently and as part of a team. In addition, this position requires many early mornings (starting at 5:30 AM), weekend days, and the ability to follow a work schedule that is dependent upon changing weather and field logistics. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Bird banding requires good manual dexterity and eyesight and involves long periods of being on your feet with few or no breaks. Interns must be able to access all mist nets and travel with groups of children to the study area. This job may require walking through waist deep water and vegetation, carrying a backpack with gear (~25lbs), stepping over logs and fences, crossing uneven terrain, riding a bicycle, and carrying heavy objects in high levels of insect activity and inclement weather conditions. TO APPLY: To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references (at least one should be familiar with your experience/skills working with youth) as a single document to: by May 31, 2018.
Contact Person
April Harding Scurr
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