South Texas Ranch Hand – Texas

Herradura Ranch
Cotulla, TX
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Herradura Ranch duties include but not limited to: • Filling of Protein Feeders • Filling of Cotton Seed Feeders • Filling of Protein Feed Troughs • Filling of Quail Feeders • Maintain all protein feeders and making sure that they are working properly. After heavy rains, protein feeder spouts must be cleaned out. Spouts should also be cleaned every time when filling feeders as well. • Maintain Cotton Seed Basket feeders. Re-straighten when filling, pull out wire if mashed in, etc. Finish changing out old baskets with new ones. • Maintain all feed pen enclosures. Fix holes when hogs are getting inside and make sure gates are wired shut properly. • Monitor feed being put out. Let Ranch Manager know when we need to reorder feed before we run out. Also monitor the Cotton Seed. • Maintain wildlife water troughs. Periodically adjusting the drip rate of water faucets at the troughs. Checking water lines for leaks, etc. • Minimize raccoon feed consumption – traps, etc. • Mowing and weed-eed of lawns • Spraying of weeds and brush along fence lines and around buildings. • Keep shop and barns cleaned and organized. • Keep ranch vehicles clean and washed. • Routine maintenance of vehicles, tractor, equipment, etc. • Haul off trash from Lodge and Barns. Routinely every Friday. • Assist with prescribed burning in February • Cutting firewood • Keeping fire ring and bar-b-q pits supplied with firewood • After each rain, checking rain gauges and recording rainfall amounts.
• Must have a Valid Drivers License • Hard working • Experience with heavy machinery(Tractors, Skid Steer, Backhoe) • Must have basic knowledge of Plumbing(Fixing PVC water lines)
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Mack Davis
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