Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and Yellow-billed Cuckoo studies-New Mexico

Bureau of Reclamation
Rio Grande valley, New Mexico
Job Category
Temporary/Seasonal Positions
$12.53 to $15.74 per hour (GS-03 - 05)
Last Date to Apply
The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking approximately 24 seasonal technicians to conduct all aspects of Southwestern Willow Flycatcher surveys and nest monitoring; Yellow-billed Cuckoo surveys, nest monitoring, and radio telemetry; vegetation data collection; and habitat mapping along the Rio Grande in central and southern New Mexico. Both crew lead and crew member positions will be filled at the GS-03, 04 and 05 levels. Projects will commence between late April and mid-May and run through at least early August. Employees will be required to report for duty no later than May 14th. Positions are located in either Socorro, NM or Truth or Consequences, NM and are being filled through a traditional government temp appointment and the Pathways program. To apply, please see the appropriate USAJobs link: Temp - Pathways -
For a list of qualifications, please see the appropriate USAJobs link: Temp - Pathways - The Temp vacancy is limited to 300 applicants and may close before the closing date listed if that limit is reached.
Contact Person
Dave Moore
Contact eMail
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