Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Surveys, Upper Gila River, Arizona

EcoPlateau Research
Upper Gila River, AZ
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EcoPlateau Research is seeking Field Technicians to assist in conducting Southwestern Willow Flycatcher studies located along Upper Gila River, AZ. These are temporary, hourly positions. Start date for all positions is 15 May 2023; end dates range from 15 July 2023. Primary field duties will include conducting standardized early morning broadcast surveys and data entry. Additional duties include deploying data loggers and monitoring the presence and effects of tamarisk leaf beetles.
A minimum of one field season of avian research; ability to work closely with other biologists; have full hearing and color vision; ability to stoop/crawl through dense vegetation and tolerance of hot temperatures, high humidity, and biting insects; current eligibility to work in the U.S; a valid driver’s license required. Skills and Experience: Certified to complete Southwestern Willow Flycatchers survey protocol and identification of southwestern U.S. riparian birds.
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Matthew Johnson
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