Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Predator-Prey Dynamics-Washington

University of Washington
Eastern Washington, primarily based near Winthrop, WA and Chewelah, WA
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Volunteer, $500/mo as per-diem
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The Gardner Lab at the University of Washington is seeking a dedicated individual to assist with research studying the spatial and temporal patterns of predator-prey dynamics. This is part of a larger project studying the influences of wolf recolonization on predator-prey dynamics in Washington. The field assistant will work closely with a graduate student this summer to deploy and monitor camera trap stations across two study areas in eastern Washington with the goal of collecting data on ungulates and large carnivores in the region. The field assistant will car-camp with the graduate student in various locations throughout the study areas. This is a great opportunity to gain experience with camera trapping, conduct applied wildlife research, and develop general field work skills. A $500/month as per-diem will be provided.
No camera trapping experience necessary. On-the-job training will be provided, although priority will be given to those with prior outdoor experience. Must be able to drive on primitive roads which requires a valid driver’s license recognized by the State of Washington, hike 8 – 10 miles over rough terrain while carrying heavy camera trapping equipment (up to ~50 lbs), and be comfortable camping for extended periods of time with limited access to amenities, internet, or cell coverage. A minimum commitment of 1 month is required, but preference will be given to those with greater availability. Above all else, must be hardworking, flexible to occasional changes in the schedule, independent, good-natured, and love working outdoors. To apply, please email a resume (including contact information for three references) and a brief cover letter as a single PDF file with the applicant name in the title to Sarah Bassing ( The cover letter should detail your interest in this position and how your outdoor skills and experience with field work specifically meet the above qualifications. Applications must be received by March 26th, 2018 for full consideration.
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Sarah Bassing
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