Spotted Owl Wildlife Technician: Georgetown, California, USA

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Georgetown, California, USA
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Temporary/Seasonal Positions
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One wildlife technician is needed for a long-term population and habitat ecology study of the California Spotted Owl in the central Sierra Nevada of California. The position will begin May 3rd and will last until at least July 30th, and possibly through August 20, 2021. The pay rate is $15.00 per hour. The technician will conduct surveys for California spotted and barred owls, re-sight color bands, assess owl reproductive status, locate nest trees, and assist in banding owls. Other duties will include deployment of acoustic monitoring units (ARUs) and participation in vegetation surveys. Technicians will be responsible for caring and maintenance of mice, field equipment, and vehicles. Wildlife technicians will also record, transcribe, enter data into computer databases, and validate data. A typical workweek is 40 hours. Field housing will be provided, but frequent camping is required during the work week. Schedules are irregular, as owls are nocturnal, but follow-up visits will often be conducted during daytime hours.
-Applicants must be physically fit (i.e., able to walk long distances in steep terrain). -Demonstrated ability to take detailed field notes and translate these into electronic databases. -Ability to work alone and off-trail at night far from human settlements. -Ability and confidence navigating unfamiliar terrain with a map, compass and GPS. -Must have excellent hearing. -Must be able to identify the colors of bird bands. -Ability to safely operate 4-wheel-drive vehicles. -A nearly spotless driving record is required. -Must work and live cooperatively.
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William Berigan
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