Sr. Research Technician and Lead Forester

University of Alaska, Applied Environmental Research Center
Anchorage, Alaska
Job Category
Research (Researcher)
New hires will be placed on the UA staff salary schedule, Grade 78, based on education and experience.
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Data Analysis and Report Writing. Assist with data collection and report compilation. Responsible for preparing all data collected in the field for analysis, conducting said analysis, and summarizing reports for the PI or others. Data analysis and report writing support duties to include, but are not limited to the following: Conducting literature reviews; Prepare findings for publication including laboratory; Prepare written reports for submission to team, PI, UAA Office of Sponsored Programs, collaborating parties, US Army Corps of Engineers; Assist with the drafting, editing and preparation of progress reports intended for the US Army Corps of Engineers and DoD points of contact in a timely and complete manner; and Prepare other articles, reports and presentations. Field Research Responsible for the organizing, collecting and ensuring quality control of data and overall data management. Field research / research support duties to include, but are not limited to the following: Travel to field sites; Collect, record and analyze data; Conduct surveys of specific species; Track data and changes over time; Develop assessment and evaluation methods; Code and enter data into a computer databases (such as ArcGIS, Excel and/or Microsoft Access, Excel, etc. Maintain accurate records (review and edit data to ensure completeness); Compile data such that it can be made readily available for transfer to the PI or other team members; and Summarize findings accurately. Logistical and Field Deployment Responsible for the logistics and maintenance of field sites, camps and equipment while field work is conducted. Logistical and maintenance work to include, but are not limited to the following: Prepare all materials and equipment for field work – set up, calibrate and maintain equipment, risk assessment planning, etc.; Support needs of the research including the development of research protocols for team and primary investigator (PI) review; Procure any goods or services necessary for field work and successful project completion; Coordinate the arrangement of travel for all participants and associated gear and equipment; Coordinate with military base personnel as required for field work operations and appropriate access to areas; Train participants heading into the field; and Coordinate the health and safety plan development and continuously monitor throughout the field season. Field work consists of field surveys, felling trees, and data collection. Fell trees using handheld power chainsaws and ability to use heavy equipment and operate machinery such as a skid steer, grappler, etc. Assist with the identification and selection of trees to be felled. Inspect equipment for safety before using it and perform basic maintenance tasks on chainsaws and other equipment. Coordinate and assist team members to process felled trees in an appropriate manner. Conduct visual surveys to assess the extent of spruce beetle infestation in designated areas. Other duties as assigned KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES: Knowledge of data collection procedures Knowledge of data entry procedures as it relates to recording and reporting aerial surveys, population counts, GPS locations, and species identification Knowledge of development and use of computerized spreadsheets and databases – specifically ArcGIS and extensive experience with Excel and Access Ability to manipulate data to produce tables, charts, graphs and displays that are easy to read and identify trends in the data Ability to interpret data as well as detect problems or irregularities in both primary and secondary data sources Ability to work in remote locations, and in extreme weather conditions Ability to perform field camp maintenance, logistical planning and support as well as maintain records while in a field setting Ability to lead and supervise the activities of others including graduate assistants, student assistants, or other research technicians Ability to develop and implement a safety program(s) for both office and field settings Knowledge of laboratory safety protocols and emergency procedures Knowledge of military installations and base protocols Knowledge of chainsaw safety procedures and operations Ability to adjust, maintain, calibrate, and assemble equipment
Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities include: Ability to work long hours in the field even during inclement weather conditions Familiarity with military installations and range control procedures Ability to fly in small aircraft and helicopters perhaps for long periods of time Familiarity with bear country and knowledge of appropriate behavior and protocols Preferred Experience Must be able to qualify for federal drivers/ Government driver’s license S212 training preferred Heavy Equipment Operator experience and certifications preferred Four years’ experience in a field relevant to the research, and Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to research (e.g. science, forestry, ecology, environmental) or an equivalent combination of training and/or experience. Prior Department of Defense (DoD) experience in either the military or civil servant capacity as it relates to a Forester, Forestry Technician, Wildlife Technician and or Environmental/Wildlife Research Prior Range Control Training and experience to include protocols on conducting field research on an active military installation Moderately to expert level proficiency in ArcGIS (prefer three years of prior GIS software use and experience) Prior experience felling trees and/or analyzing forest health including wildland fire management REQUIRED EDUCATION OR TRAINING: Bachelors degree in a field relevant to research (e.g. science, math, business) and four years’ experience in a field relevant to the research, or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
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