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NOTE: this announcement is for the Outreach ONLY for this position. If interested, please contact Bridgett Naylor, Acting Starkey Team Leader, per information on this form. The Starkey Ungulate Ecology Team of the Pacific Northwest Research Station is recruiting an Interdisciplinary Supervisory Rangeland Management Specialist/Wildlife Biologist, GS-0454/0486-12. This is a permanent full time position. This assignment is open to all applicants qualified to fill the GS-0454/0486 professional series at a GS-12. Relocation expenses are authorized for this position. This position is located in the Forestry and Range Sciences Laboratory, La Grande, Oregon. This permanent assignment is within the Starkey Ungulate Ecology Team (Starkey Team), Ecological Process and Function Program (EPF), Pacific Northwest Research Station. Starkey Team is composed of an interdisciplinary group of ecologists, foresters, range specialists, wildlife biologists, geographers, social scientists, and analysts who focus on three main problems: (1) Evaluating the influence of the biophysical environment on function and properties of ecosystems, ecological communities, species, populations, and organisms; (2) Investigating the effect of ecological and anthropogenic disturbances on ecological patterns and processes, and how these disturbances and associated processes interact to determine the overall function, attributes, and dynamics of ecosystems; and (3) Characterizing the current ecological status, longer term trends and drivers of trends for biota and ecosystems, and designing methods for improving the determination, analysis and assessment of status and trends. The position serves as Area Manager for the USDA Forest Service Starkey Experimental Forest and Range (Starkey EFR), a formally-designated research facility of the Forest Service located 28 miles southwest of La Grande on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest ( The Starkey Area Manager performs a wide variety of duties related to management of the Starkey EFR as a research facility. Incumbent serves as assistant to the Starkey Team Leader in planning, coordination, and execution of interdisciplinary natural resource management in direct support of research at Starkey EFR. Incumbent leads the administration, management, and field coordination of research and support activities at Starkey EFR, involving over 30 research partners that include state and federal agencies, universities, private companies, non-governmental organizations and tribes; and annual field activities of 5-10 graduate students, 10-20 seasonal technicians, 2-3 contract crews, and 2 livestock grazing permittees. Research at Starkey EFR includes numerous long-term studies by PNW and partners, each spanning 8-12 years in duration, and integrating a broad spectrum of disciplines, experimental designs, and national land management issues. Major duties include the administration, management, coordination, and oversight of research activities, research infrastructure, housing, vehicles, personnel, and public uses at Starkey EFR. Management includes construction, maintenance, and repair of roads, fences, water developments, housing, vehicles, snow machines, tractors, and research infrastructure including telemetry towers, handling facility, winter area, headquarters, hunter check station, and ungulate and carnivore traps. Management further includes coordination with National Forest System (NFS) on all aspects of fire management; law enforcement; safety; and activities by the public and researchers. Works with NFS in planning and executing timber sales, forest thinnings, fuels treatments, prescribed burns, cattle grazing, public recreation activities, and public access at Starkey EFR to ensure compatibility with research or used as part of research treatments. Monitors all activities to ensure compliance with laws and forest plan. Serves as Contracting Officer’s Representative for initiating, awarding, and overseeing implementation of a variety of contracts related to above duties. In addition, the incumbent is co-leader with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) in planning, coordinating, and overseeing deer and elk hunts at Starkey EFR to meet research objectives of mutual interest and benefit to PNW, ODFW, and associated partners and scientists. Serves as co-coordinator of ODFW and PNW staffing of the hunter check station, of ODFW-PNW patrols during hunts, and provides overall oversight and supervision of the work force administering the hunts. Incumbent also is responsible for trapping, handling, and winter care and feeding of deer and elk, and for making final decisions that impact animal welfare, including changing techniques or equipment to reduce animal injury or stress, making decisions on euthanasia, and judging when to terminate a handling event due to unacceptable stress. Incumbent trains new employees in recognizing stress and the proper techniques to minimize stress and injury. Responsible for daily feeding and care of hand-raised tame elk. This includes decisions about feeding levels, hygiene, minor veterinary care, and timing of intervention by the staff veterinarian. Incumbent is responsible for adherence to the Animal Welfare Act of 1985 and all regulations administered and enforced by USDI Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and direction of the Starkey Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Acts as primary liaison with the Starkey IACUC for day-to-day operations of animal care and handling, including site visits, meetings, summary reports, etc. that demonstrate and ensure humane and ethical treatment of all research animals in compliance with federal laws, regulations and IACUC oversight. Assistance to a wide range of scientists and managers will be given on this work, both within the Pacific Northwest Research Station and across a variety of other agencies, tribal nations, universities, and private partners. Scientific and management partners include, but are not limited to, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest System of the Forest Service, National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Nez Perce Tribe, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Boone and Crockett Club, and land grant universities in the Pacific Northwest. The ability to collaborate and coordinate effectively with these entities is key to the position.
This assignment is open to all applicants qualified to fill the GS-0454/0486 professional series at a GS-12. If you are interested in this position, please ask Bridgett Naylor ( for the outreach form to complete. The outreach form, along with a copy of your resume, should be returned to Naylor by May 30, 2018. You may also respond to the Employee Outreach Notice online at the website included above. NOTE - dates below are for response to the outreach only. The position has not yet been formally advertised
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